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  • Reasons Why Students Cheat Essay

    There are many reasons a scholar may cheat. However, the most prominent reason is the pressure to meet academic standards. Students have the fear of failing. Some students struggle with certain subjects no matter how hard they study and try in that subject. While, others have problems at home or “don’t have time.” The fear of being “average” is the next reason many my cheat. The students driven who want to pursue college may feel the need to cheat to help make sure they get the higher grades…

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  • Boyle's Law Lab Report

    exerted fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature and V, the volume have a relationship. Their kind of relationship is V=f(P) relationship and it is believed that PV go together to remain constant. A water manometer is an instrument used to measure pressure. The model of kinetic theory of gases helps elaborate one of the most difficult…

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  • Numerical Analysis: Initial And Boundary Conditions

    3.2. Initial and Boundary Conditions. The pipe is subject to atmospheric pressure Po at time zero this represented initial condition . Boundary condition represented as at the pipe inlet profiles, uniform pressure Pinlet and its value change with concentration of nanofluid [φ%] and inlet temperature T0 = 60 ºC can be measured for all experimental . On the pipe wall, the pressure was atmospheric pressure Po . Moreover, flow and thermal fields are assumed symmetrical with respect to…

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  • Molar Volume Of Gas Lab Report

    Molar Volume of a Gas Lab The purpose of the lab was to do an experiment to determine the molar volume of hydrogen gas at standard temperature and pressure, or STP. To start the experiment, a beaker was filled with water and then a cage was created with a copper wire. A piece of magnesium was cut and placed inside the cage in order to keep the reaction going until all of the magnesium reacted with the hydrochloric acid. The eudiometer tube was filled with 15 mL of hydrochloric acid and water…

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  • An Analysis Of William Zinsser's College Pressure

    College Pressures In “College Pressures”, William Zinsser talks about the college pressures that most college students face. At the time, William Zinsser was the Master of Branford College at Yale University. He says that he sees four kinds of pressure that most college students go through such as economic, parental, peer and self-induced pressure. As I read his essay, I analyzed the effectiveness of Zinsser’s observation about what pressures most college students face. Most students face…

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  • John Boyle's Constant Theory

    kept constant, pressure (P) and volume (V) have an inversely proportional relationship. Boyle’s constant (B) can be expressed by V=B/Pwhere volume is (in this lab) cm^3 and pressure is in atm. Charles’ Law states that when pressure is held constant, temperature and volume are directly proportional. Charles’ constant (C ) can be expressed by V=CTwhere volume is in cm^3 and temperature is in Kelvin. Gay-Lussac’s Law states that when volume is held constant, temperature and pressure are…

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  • Analysis Of Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy

    In Marge Piercy’s narrative poem, “Barbie Doll”, the story of a young girl is told from the viewpoint of an outside speaker watching her grow up around the norms of society and ultimately ends her life because of it. Throughout each stanza, a new important piece of information is expressed to the readers to contribute to both the theme and tone of the poem. Piercy is able to cultivate the idea that inward beauty is not valued in today’s society, and that artificial perfection can only be…

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  • Advantages Of Coulter Counter Method

    One of the advantages is this method is able to measure transparent particle as it need only for the particle to be volume occupied at the orifice. Second, this technique is very sensitive, having a good linearity and reproducibility (Rhyner, 2011). Third, this technique is able to measure wide range of particle size from 0.4µm up to 1200µm, however, with different orifice setting. Another advantage of Coulture counter method is usage…

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  • Vapor Pressure Research Paper

    stopper is inserted into a flask some air is forced out of the flask, and the stopper seals the flask so the air cannot get back in. This creates an area of low pressure within the flask. When the stopper is quickly pulled out of the flask, the air rushes back into the flask because the pressure of the atmosphere is higher than the pressure inside the flask. If the stopper is pulled out with sufficient force and swiftness, a “popping” sound is produced that corresponds to the resonant frequency…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In William Zinsser's Four College Pressures

    students. In William Zinsser’s “College Pressures”, he addresses four college pressures through classifying, exemplifying, and analyzing cause and effect. Classification and division is a rhetorical strategy that breaks…

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