Hannah Baker's Journal Analysis

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There are some who wish to be gone without a trace; however, some wish to leave an explanation for why they left. Thirteen reasons why follows thirteen experiences that combined convinced Hannah Baker to end her life. These accounts personally affect Clay Jenson, an amicable friend of Hannah, who receives the tapes without any clue as to why he is on them. As Clay listens to the tapes he is stunned as to who affected Hannah and what they did. This journal recounts Hannah’s path toward searching for her identity, finding love, and telling her truth.
The search for exactly where Hannah would fit into her new life never seemed to end. Hannah first feels at home in her new town when she is introduced to Alex and Jessica, who were also new. They start meeting at a café before the school year starts just to joke around relieve some of their day onto each other. This coffee group fell apart after school started and rumors began buzzing. Rumors also evoked hardship on Hannah.
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In her peer communication class she wrote an anonymous topic discussion slip: “Suicide. It’s something I’ve been thinking about. Not too seriously, but I have been thinking about it” (Asher 170). Her teacher’s response to this was to read some statistics about suicide while her classmates speculated that the writer of the note was seeking attention. As a last attempt, Hannah contacted her school counselor, Mr. Porter. During her meeting Hannah admits she would like to end her life and storms out, unfortunately, Mr. Porter doesn’t follow. That was the last chance for someone to convince Hannah not to commit suicide. The obvious testament of Hannah’s truth is what the book revolved around, the tapes. Hannah meticulously planned the order of the tapes and her strategy of getting everyone on them to hear what she had to say after she was gone. Multiple times Hannah attempted to tell the world how she felt, but nobody seemed to hear

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