Hannah Baker Committed Suicide Analysis

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Hannah Baker committed suicide. She left 13 tapes for the 13 reasons she committed suicide. Clay Jensen, the boy who had a crush on Hannah since he saw her, now has the tapes. He 's on them. He listens, waits for his tape and finds out why Hannah commits suicide. The first tape is for Justin Foley. He was Hannah 's first kiss and he over exaggerated the story. Clay remembers the the rumors and it was the first reason he didn 't get to know her freshman year. These rumors would affect her for the rest of her life.

The second tape is Alex Stall 's. He put her on a list that claimed she had the best butt of the freshman class. The girl he was seeing was put opposite of her, as having the worst butt in the freshman class. He only did this because
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They run over a stop sign and Jenny kicks Hannah out when she says they need to tell someone. Hannah walks home with out telling someone and that night there is an accident. Clay knows this because he had to tell one of the driver’s wife he was okay and the other guy seemed fine, though he later died. Hannah blames Jenny and herself.A few weeks later, Hannah is house sitting and goes to make sure no one drives home drunk from one of the parties. Instead of driving someone home she ends up in hot tub with Courtney and Bryce. This tape is for Bryce because he hooked up with her in the hot tub, even though Hannah did not react or say a single thing to him at all. She is done with life at this point and almost completely gives up. Clay knows how Bryce treats girls and it is not kindly and he suspects he is the rapist in the earlier tape.

The last tape is for Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor. Hannah told him about all of her issues and problems, including the hook up in the tub. He tells her to move on and blows off her telling him she wants to kill herself. That was the point in which Hannah confirmed that no one cared enough to save her. She thanks them for listening. Clay goes to school the next day, incredibly late, and sees Skye. He walks up behind her and says her

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