Laurie Halse Anderson's Twisted

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As I read the novel Twisted, I wonder the decision making processes of Tyler and Bethany.Should they have been together in the first place. Laurie Halse Anderson is the author of Twisted. Her purpose of this novel was to show that you do not have to have a perfect life to pursue what u want. Mrs.Anderson, I am writing to you about your New York times bestseller novel Twisted. I was wondering why you choose the name Twisted as the title of this novel? What does it mean in reflection to the story? I also wanted to know, that when Tyler goes to find his father's gun, he describes it as being wrapped in his grandfather's sweater. Is there any significance to this seemingly small detail? The novel Twisted made me consider the choices they made me look at my actions towards people who are going through tough time and need tremendous help in their lives.
Tylar goes to school like any other kid does. He's a freshman in high school.
This is where mainly all the drama happens. I can connect this book with “smile” because in this book Raine is scared to go to school because of her two front teeth and she knows that other kids in her grade are
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It happened after a party that Bethany invited Tyler to. Apparently someone took pictures of Bethany taking a nap because of how drunk she was. Bethany got extremely angry and the situation got bigger when that person posted it on the internet/ social media. People have no idea who the person is that took the pictures and posted it in the first place. That's when all of the gossips and whispers begun and that's what started rumors and drama. When Bethany started to hear the rumors she began to put things together and that's when she thought she knew who it was. She started accusing Tyler for the crime he didn't commit. She thought of this day and night trying to put the pieces together and she came up with Tyler only because he was the only one with her in the

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