Wolfgang Behringer's American Horror Story: Coven

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The fear of the unknown generates the hatred and violent nature of humans. The desperation for a plausible explanation of a specific occurrence potentially causes a misinterpretation. Thus, creating monsters like vampires, werewolves, and witches, creates a scapegoat for a society that blindly accepts other’s belief as their own. Although witches are humans, they are considered to be creatures of the night for they worship the devil. The societal portrayal of witches specifically introduces only female figures as a satanic worshipper who lure and corrupt men. The likes of witches do not exist; it is a mere creation of a misogynistic society where men used their position to isolate women as something they are not. The word “witch” …show more content…
In the book Witches and Witch-Hunts” written by Wolfgang Behringer, he claims that “Contemporary anti-witchcraft movements illustrate the meaning of traditional witchcraft as an explanation of evil.” (Behringer 7) The portrayal of witches in the media today are still mostly women that are power hungry and selfish. In the show, American Horror Story: Coven, witches are portrayed by women of all colors and men portrays witch hunters who savagely hunts and murders witches. The leading female character, Fiona, is the head witch of a coven that resides in New Orleans. Fiona is slowly deteriorating as a new “Supreme” rises so she desperately finds a way to make herself immortal. Her student witches are then put through several tasks that could potentially cause their death, if a witch succeeds, they are to reign the new supreme. Fiona plans to kill the new supreme so that she could keep the title and her powers. She makes a deal with the devil and kills a student who was a worthy candidate. The witch hunters, which is an organization made up of men, terrorizes each coven and murders any witch that they find. It may seem exaggerated with the portrayal of black magic and unnatural powers, but the very essence of the theme dates back to medieval times. A witch is savagely hunted by misogynistic men, they established themselves as vigilantes with the goal of ridding the world of satanic worshippers, who happen to be

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