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  • Music: The Main Driving Force In Music

    Music is composed of many different elements that together give feeling to what we hear. These elements include rhythm, beat, accent, meter, syncopation, tempo, pitch, dynamics, tone color, overtone, scales, melody, harmony, texture, tonality, and mode. Just like with chemical elements, combining musical elements will create something new and exciting, and different combinations will give something distinct to the music. All sixteen elements mentioned are equally important and together…

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  • Beethoven 9th Symphony Analysis

    movements: The first movement starts with hard dramatic strings, leading into a plethora of pleasant melodies and lovely consonance. An emotional rollercoaster would best describe this movement as the piece transitions from soft calming sounds from the horns and woodwinds to hard-pressed portions that are dominated by the string group. This movement ends with a striking build-up of woodwind melodies and soft strings into a climatic burst of energy from the strings and percussions. The second…

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  • Castilian Silhouette Book Report

    States Department of ART AND SCIENCE The Pencil of Castilian Silhouette Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spain All copyrights reserved, USA STORY BOOK: The Pencil of Castilian Silhouette Characters: Mrs. Tulip Pineapple, Castilian Silhouette, Art, Melody, Camellia and Jolly Location: Bilbao, Spain and New York, NY Preface This elegant children manuscript is a non-fiction concept and true short story about a mother and daughter, who decide to travel to the Guggenheim Museum to research the…

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  • Analysis Of Stephen Foster's Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

    prior phrase by descending from a high note with eighth notes then sustaining a note close to A. Following the prelude, the tenor begins the first section on with “I” on the high note introduced by the first phrase of the piano prelude. Following the melody of the prelude’s first phrase the tenor continues with “dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair” accompanied by consonant chords from the piano. The tenor then follows the second…

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  • Recital Performance Review Essay

    was for his music. The melody in this composition seemed to change from a light feeling to a very serious sound, which showed the depth of the composer…

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  • You Re A Good Man Charlie Brown Analysis

    different rhythm, melody, etc. Two of the songs that I really enjoyed listening to is was “Supper Time”, and “Snoopy”, the musical director was (Dr. Tammie Huntington), and orchestra conductor was (Davy Chinn). Both these songs had a certain emotion to them, as well as the style they played. I will discuss both on the emotional impact, and describe how the songs sounded in the play. First song I am going to describe is “Supper Time”. This songs melody was very upbeat. The melody had a high…

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  • Analyzing Earth's Song Poem

    Nothing in this submission is anything like what I originally had written. I wrote this piece sitting at the piano, which I’ve played since I was eight, and fiddling with specific melodies. After composing a piece, I would listen to the music that I had composed, and then would title my piece based on what images came to mind while listening to…

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  • Analysis Of Poem By Billy Collins

    This repeated line of text with its differing melody is capable of showing that the poet has felt this sense of exhaustion multiple times. As with anything done too often, this text can leave the listener frustrated and with a desire for the piece to move forward. Once the piece approaches and resolves…

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  • Mahler Symphony 1 Analysis

    persisted throughout the piece. Also present was a bright fanfare in the trumpets, followed by a light descending melody played by the entire orchestra. After this movement, all the instruments began playing a strong fortissimo beat, which gradually increased the tension, leading up to a muted trumpet solo. The strings dominated the remainder of the movement, with a strong legato melody passed from the ’cellos to the violins, and, finally, to the basses. The third movement could be…

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  • Violence In Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story

    Leonard Bernstein was born on August 25th, 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. At age 10 is when he first found himself playing music. His aunt had recently got a divorce, and stored her upright piano in Leonard’s home. Leonard was adamant about learning the instrument, but his father refused him lessons. He decided that he’d save up the money himself. He earned enough and took a few lessons and was a natural at the piano. He met his lifelong coach Helen Coates while in high school. He attended…

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