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  • Essay On Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    The concert started with spring, which represents a new beginning much like being born. The playfulness of the melodies exuded a sense of innocence. The transition into summer represented the responsibilities assumed when becoming an adult. The fruits of the labor invested in life can be harvested in autumn. Finally, the cold of winter takes over representing death…

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  • Romeo And Juliet By Peter Tchaikovsky: Music Analysis

    Romeo and Juliet by Peter Tchaikovsky comprises of different events from the original play by William Shakespeare (Adagietto 2013). Tchaikovsky used many characters as well as moods with melodies that provided efficient musical differences. This play begins with an excellent clarinet and bassoon melody that indicates the two individuals’ relationship, somber as well as the friar Laurance. It is based on the Overture Fantasy; however it does not have the opus number Everybody can relate to the…

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  • Jazz Concert Report

    voice with a very disjunctive melody. The notes of the saxophone alternating in regular intervals. All other instruments – piano, bass, and percussion joined in as the saxophone stopped alternating notes and played a single long note. The scale of the saxophone was high as it was also the lead voice. In contrast the base music was generated by the bass and has…

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  • A Paris Concert Report

    instruments playing the same quick melody. However, it slowly fades and the piano plays a solo that is slow, light, and dainty. Soon other instruments start to come in and blend together, but the piano stands out because it has a different melody. The violins start tention while the trumpets also join in and create a melody that is similar to a victory sound. Finally the piano takes over and gets a solo that is soon accompanied with the strings. The piano plays a confusing melody that turns into…

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  • Syncopation In Reggae Music

    Appraisal My link to the strand is Syncopation and my composition is written in a reggae style. I like the offbeat feel of this style of music and syncopation was something I wanted to explore within it. A well-known Caribbean musician is Bob Marley and I know that he uses a lot of syncopation in one of his best songs “three little birds”. In this song you can hear the syncopation in the hi-hat, cymbals, organ and guitar; playing the chords. In this way, he plays with our expectations of where…

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  • New York Woodwind Concert Analysis

    started the concert out with Partita composed by Irving Fine in 1948. The song consisted of five movements: Introduction and Theme, Variation, Interlude, Gigue, and the Coda. In the program notes it states that this piece demonstrates Fine’s talent for melody, interest in neoclassical style, and a sound that “seems utterly American”, and after hearing this piece, I agree. The mood is established clearly in the first movement…

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  • Absurdity And Repetition In Entr Acte

    Entr’Acte is an early avant-garde film produced by Erik Satie and Rene Clair. In this film, two artists integrated repetitive moving image with one melody, which kept coming back, and they diffused their attitude of life into the entire production. Absurdity and repetition play extremely important roles in Entr’Acte, that both of the characteristics not only reconcile one foundational structure of the film, but also create hierarchical variations in either visual aspect or auditory aspect.…

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  • Stravinsky Rite Spring Analysis

    It feels mysterious to me. The melody is with the string instruments as they play the BA… BA for the entirety of this piece. This is then backed with silence which gives it that curious feel. The instrumentation for this section is strings instruments and a flute playing. The musical…

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  • Virtual Child Case Study

    (1) At 8 months, my baby, Melody, was a slow to warm up baby. Like Chess and Thomas’s description of the slow to warm up temperament, she was less physically active in comparison to others her age, could be temperamental, and showed low mood intensity (Santrock, 2015, p.172). Continuing to 12 months, Melody began to get easier. She seemed to have negative moods only when there was a specific reason for them and had increased her physical activity. Though she started off as difficult, she became…

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  • Concert Review Sample

    audience with a story of the music. The melody was played by the musical instruments in this piece and it remained quite constant, only changing in dynamics with the rest of the ensemble. The melody did jump back and forth between the only the instruments, the instruments and chorus and the instruments and soloists. The chorus was the harmony for the majority of the time. They were often the harmonic melody to the soloists, while other times had the melody themselves. The time of this piece was…

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