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  • Violence In Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story

    Leonard Bernstein was born on August 25th, 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. At age 10 is when he first found himself playing music. His aunt had recently got a divorce, and stored her upright piano in Leonard’s home. Leonard was adamant about learning the instrument, but his father refused him lessons. He decided that he’d save up the money himself. He earned enough and took a few lessons and was a natural at the piano. He met his lifelong coach Helen Coates while in high school. He attended…

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  • Assassins Creed 4 Analysis

    This week I started to play a game that I just bought, “Assassins Creed 4th”. When I played the game, I heard a melody which sounds very familiar; its name is the "dark slayer.” When its original version firstly appeared in the “Assassins Creed 1”, it was called “Ezios’ family.” It is not the main melody, but in every version of the game, this melody will appear in different forms. The success of the structure is directly related to the success and failure of music in the game.Since the music…

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  • Song Analysis Of Feeling Good, By Nina Simone

    song has been used in the popular culture such as, “Point of No Return” and “Six Feet Under”. A song cover was later done by Jennifer Hudson in 2011, and Lauryn Hill in 2015. Although Nina Simone wrote the song, Jennifer Hudson sang it better due to melody, rhythm, and instrumentation used in her version. Nina Simone was born February 21, 1933; she died just two months after her 70th birthday on April 21, 2003; she sang the rhythm and blues between the years of 1954, and 2003. She was even…

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  • Oddities In Music

    Instruments are in charge of setting a melody, accompaniment, beat/percussion, counter melody, bass line, harmony, accent, and drone in a song. Generally, chordophones are used to establish the melody, countermelody, accompaniment, and harmony. Membranophones are used in beat/percussion. The tuba, double bass, and bass guiter are used to create a bassline. Finally, instruments…

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  • Vernacular Music Essay

    Music has been a part of the human existence since prehistoric times. Prior to the written word, music was used as a method to pass history from generation to generation. Music was created by voice or by crude instruments by those who wished to make it easier to remember information. Over the ages, music has developed into two broad categories cultivated and vernacular. Vernacular music is traditional defined as a more natural experience of music and is the original type of music created by…

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  • Krzyztof Tenderecki Analysis

    Throughout the timeline of Music, There has been many different genres and styles created by Musicians, throughout this timeline we received the 20th Century genre of Impressionism. The genre focuses on conveying emotions and moods behind a pacific event or a reflection on how the composer is feeling, an example of Impressionism genre that gives the audience the feel of emotion is Krzytof Penderecki’s Impressionism piece Thernody for the Victims of Hiroshima, which he has transformed the…

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  • Review Of The Temple College Jazz Combo

    tune was played at a fast, upbeat (allegro) tempo, using a homophonic harmony. The melody line was played by the pianist; although the melody line was not constant, it reminded me of a repeating theme. I prefer this song played the way Dizzy Gillespie performed…

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  • Analysis Of Gradual Viderunt Omnes

    The chant melody is from the setting of the Gradual Viderunt Omnes from the Mass for Christmas Day. The original piece features a soloist that performs the psalm verse which alternates with a choir that sings the respond. This verse is extremely ornate, and the respond is also very melismatic. It is the only part of the Mass for Christmas Day that is in mode 5. Because of its highly melismatic nature, it was viewed as an appropriate candidate for future composers to base new works off of with…

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  • Mozart Concert Review

    which consists of three movements, all with different speeds and melodies. The piece was also played by a small orchestra consisting of the strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, with the exception of the piano. The number of beats per measure is four with a value of four in the first movement. The first movement is played fast at allegro and slow at the sametime, adagio, with the sound moderate at mezzo-forte. Along with the fast melody and rhythm, it gives a sense of wonder that catches…

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  • Michael Giacchino Married Life Essay

    Michael Giacchino composed the music for the scene “Married Life”. Michael was able to relay the emotions and the moods that Carl and Ellie felt through the melody and tone. The scene “Married Life” shows the emotional insight Carl, and Ellie. The first scene captures Carl and Ellie getting married to the purchase of their first home, following the remodeling of their home, to hearing the news of Ellie miscarrying following by learning that they won’t be able to have any children. It goes on to…

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