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  • Analysis Of Thelonious Monk, Straight, No Chaser

    Beautiful melody, unusually chords and a great sense of rhythmic patterns are only a few characteristics that describe Thelonious Monk’s music. Monk was one the few American jazz composers that gave a spiritual feeling in his music. During his lifetime he played melodies and used chord progressions that no one has ever played before. He epitomizes what a jazz musician is supposed to be, whether if it’s through his compositions, his piano playing or someone else playing his music, you know right…

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  • Chamber Music Concert Performance

    pieces that contained trios, duets, and quintets; showing the concentration they required when listening to each other. When working on Chamber Music, much of the melody jumps around from instrument to instrument, show casing various solos and much of the instruments having to coincide with each other to carefully listen for the melody. The first performance, was from Mosaics, by Eric Ewazen, only introducing the first movement: I. Barcarolle. The performers Dr. Susan Berdahl (flute), Dr.…

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  • Sweet Home Chicago Music Analysis

    Although I have always recognized the melody in this genre is very different from others it is still something I have never enjoyed.…

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  • Latin Music Analysis

    dependent upon time. Rhythm is music’s pattern in time. Whatever other elements a given piece of music may have, rhythm is the one indispensable element of all music. Rhythm can exist without melody, as in the drumbeats of primitive music, but melody cannot exist without rhythm. In music that has both harmony and melody, the rhythmic structure cannot be separated from them. But, every part of music contributes to its identity. The instruments, the tempo, and the use of cords and scales all…

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  • In The Hall Of The Mountain King Essay

    Slowly, the repeated melody is played at a higher pitch with additional instruments including, violins and violas partnered with oboes and clarinets, showing trolls beginning to quietly follow Peer. The chase becomes faster and louder, as shown by the increasing speed and volume of the music until there is no melody all instruments play to a certain rhythmic pattern. Shortly before the end, the timpani is the only instrument…

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  • Paleolithic Music Development

    I like this artwork because its melody expresses strength and rhythmic energy. The song’s basic melody is a contrast between soft and loud. The rhythm has four movements: first Allegro con brio (rather quick with spirit) second Andante con moto (moderately slow with motion) third Scherzo Allegro (joking, rather quick)…

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  • Hannah Howland Ballade Analysis

    ended up creating dissonance, and thus tension. A change in tempo follows soon after, with the melody modulating to a higher key, creating even more tension. The tempo again slows after this and continues to play a brash and often harsh- sounding melody. This soon leads into quick chromatic rises and falls, building even more tension, the tempo only slowing briefly to release some of it. This dissonant melody continues on, growing extremely fast near the end of the movement, the notes going…

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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    The first of the piece of the set, Pagodes is heavily influenced by Debussy’s interest in gamelan music and evokes images of East Asia. The movement features a syncopated, off-beat chordal pulse with a pentatonic-inflected melody. While the third, Jardins sous la pluie, returns to Debussy’s France by incorporating two French folk songs Do, do, l’enfant do and Nous n’irons plus au bois. As the overall title suggests, Estampes are prints of different foreign places juxtaposed…

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  • Frederic Chopin Music Analysis

    for mindlessness of the listener. About half way into the song, the melody becomes gradually slower and gentle giving the audience an open interpretation of the contrasting upbeat fierce melody to the serene melody in the middle (Claramxx). What seemed effortless and soothing to hear, brought great trial and hardship for Chopin to write. He was overly critical of his work, making himself crazy trying to formulate the perfect melody that he had in his head on paper (Nicholas). He evoked emotions…

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  • Semester Project: Movie Soundtrack Analysis

    emotional connection that Troy and Gabriella have. The dialogue makes it even more effective and easier to understand. The lyrics explain what’s happening in the scene. Gabriella is leaving because it’s best for her and Troy doesn’t want her to go. The melody, time period, instruments, and harmony all come together to make this song the perfect piece for this scene. In conclusion, this song is made up of all types of musical elements. While evaluating this scene, I discovered that this song…

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