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  • Louis Armstrong's Potato Head Blues

    The masterful, classic composition “Potato Head Blues” by legendary musician Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven band is widely regarded today as one of Armstrong’s finest recordings. This song is a quick-paced jazz melody with the trumpet along with the piano providing what I believe is to be a 4 beat per measure rhythm. “Potato Head Blues” also sounds different from that of Joplin Rags since I counted 2 beats per measure. The song also does not seem to have much variation with a constant…

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  • Poem Analysis: Children's Children By Sterling Brown

    Children’s Children by Sterling Brown deals with the idea that the descendants of slaves have lost touch and have forgotten their history and the suffering of their forefathers. It may be said that the descendants of slaves have gained their inalienable rights, and as a result, they no longer care about the suffering and struggle of those before them, acknowledging their forefathers restlessly and reluctantly (Van Deburg). The writings of Brown, often depicted the struggles of African Americans,…

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  • Through The Woods Short Story

    Through the woods, one can find many things: both expected and unexpected. However, there is a reason children are told never to play in the forest at night. This collection of trees and wildlife is dark, mysterious, and incredibly thick. The tall trees seem to radiate a sense of wonder, yes, but also terror. A place of mystery, this is by no means a place for children. Suddenly, a young boy in a green cape breaks through the trees. He is being chased by unseen forces. Although they are never…

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  • Cover Music Analysis

    Various covers of three of the greatest hits. Since the beginning of time people from all aspects of the world have took music as a way of life. To the art form of how music was made to the beats, rhythm, and the way music makes you feel. Some of music’s greatest legends have done many cover songs, such as Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, Guns N’ Roses – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, and Muse’s cover of ‘Feeling Good’. While many may believe the original version of the song itself sounds better…

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  • Euphonic Sound In The Mourning Bride

    Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast,” said William Congreve in The Mourning Bride. If the captivating melody could easily take the edge off of the most atrocious monster, then, what are other significant impacts of euphonic sounds for the society? Many are gradually acknowledging the underlying implications of harmonies to their percipience, as seen in the ironical case of Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer of some of the most celebrated music history, such as Moonlight Sonata and…

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  • Sonnet III: An Analysis Of Charlotte Smith's To A Nightingale

    Charlotte Smith’s Sonnet III, ‘To a Nightingale’ could be considered to be a mournfully romantic tale of a nightingale singing a song of such sadness that the poet begins to question the tragedy of the nightingale, and then to consider a cause for its song of such profound despondence. The narrator then admits to being envious of the nightingale for its freedom to sing the song. The meaning of this sonnet will be explored through key elements of prominent moods, language and figurative language…

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  • Moonlight Sonata Analysis

    When I think about classical art and Beethoven, numerous amounts of his beautiful music come to mind, as I am sure it happens to many others as well. I remember as a little girl my uncle, who I looked up to, would listen to the works of Beethoven. Being that of a young age I did not truly understand, but knew I loved it. For me, one of my personal favorites is Moonlight sonata. Moonlight Sonata was one of Beethoven’s most popular piano compositions. I well explain in this essay how Moonlight…

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  • Spring Day Poem Analysis

    chasing each other but not being able to meet. A message to show their affection even after parting. I found this song “Spring Day’ a depressing song because the melody of the song is slow and it sounds emotional even though it's in a different language. Without thinking much of the meaning, it has already affected me with the alluring melody and heavenly vocals. ” Once I've read the lyrics I was overwhelmed with emotions. The lyrics "You know it all. You’re my best friend. The sun will rise…

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  • Analyzing Paul Mccartney's Song Yesterday

    World Record for the recorded song. The entry indicated there are over 2000 different cover versions to it. Paul McCartney wrote this song first on the piano. Its original working title was “Scrambled Eggs.” He then later added the lyrics to fit the melody. The song appears to have four verses with two supporting bridges. Both of the bridges are performed to the same lyrics, ”Why, she had to go” while verses three through four repeat the same lyrics, “Yesterday, love was such and easy game to…

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  • What Music Means To Me

    “What Music Means to Me” Music could inspire anyone in numerous amounts of ways, because music inevitably consists of everyone’s daily life through the 3 elements of music which are rhythm, harmony, and melody. I listen to music because of how soothing and relieving it can be especially during rough times. I don’t only listen to music when I’m down; I’m basically always doing so in any of my emotions because there are many different types of music to reflect your mood. When I’m listening to…

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