Jazz Concert Report

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The music concert I attended was “UK Jazz Spectacular”. The name itself tells us, it is a Jazz concert. The various artists features in the concert were Miles Osland who played the saxophone, Raliegh Dailey who played the piano and keyboard, Danny Ceclil with the bass and Paul Deatherage playing the percussion. The introduction musical piece started off with the saxophone as the only voice with a very disjunctive melody. The notes of the saxophone alternating in regular intervals. All other instruments – piano, bass, and percussion joined in as the saxophone stopped alternating notes and played a single long note. The scale of the saxophone was high as it was also the lead voice. In contrast the base music was generated by the bass and has …show more content…
Jay Phelps – a jazz artist. The first section of the piece starts off with the piano playing the main melody solo. Chords in the piano is used to add variation to the main melodic theme. All instruments join in with the piano in the second section. The lead voice of the musical piece shifts to the saxophone. The main melodic theme is varied overall by decreasing the general tempo and playing each note for a greater duration. Cymbal and hi-hat were complimenting the main melody as they were being played timely between each note of the melody. Towards the end of the second section, the saxophone seemed exhibit immediate repetition of the melody played by the piano. In the third section the bass takes lead and increases drastically in dynamics. Complexity is added through improvising on the regular melody of the piece. The piano and drums compliment this section of the music with low dynamics and fast tempo in general. The musical piece ends in the same way the piece started: piano playing solo. The tempo slows down gradually as the piece approaches the end. The fist and the last section of the pieces and conjunct melody, while other section tend to be more fast and have a disjunctive

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