How To Describe A Jazz Concert

Walking into the auditorium, I immediately noticed that the atmosphere of the concert was completely different from that of the classical concert I attended weeks earlier. To begin with, it seemed like there was much more of an audience. Everyone seemed excited for the concert to start. As for myself, I was also excited because, on the very front of the program, it said that there was a guest artist that was going to perform with the ensemble. The performers wore more of a business casual look, some were a little more dressed up than others, but overall they looked very well dressed. The jazz ensemble was set up in straight rows, which was different from the classical ensemble. From what I could tell the performers seemed excited to start playing, they were probably as excited as myself, if not more, to be able to play alongside Stuart Mack. Stuart is a very talented musician both from what I read in the program and from seeing him perform throughout the concert. From the audience clapping and being able to feel more relaxed during the performances to actually enjoying the solos …show more content…
As the concert proceeded I realized that the music was enjoyable and easy to follow for the most part. I don’t classify myself as a very knowledgeable person about jazz, but with this experience, I can at least say that I have been to a concert and know what to expect if I ever go to one again. To anyone who really enjoys this music, I would definitely recommend going! I’m sure that every jazz concert is different, so there could be benefits such as the band or conductor being more interactive with the audience or the audience itself could create a different feeling for people attending the concert. I did enjoy the concert, especially being able to see and learn about such a great artist like Stuart Mack. It definitely added some excitement to the

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