Jazz Music Concert Report

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The location of the performance was at the San Jose State University Music Hall. The audience dressed casually. At the concert, I was a casual and referential listener. Like my previous assessment, I was a casual listener because I didn’t know the name of the song or artist, but I paid attention to the piece. Furthermore, I was a referential listener because I pictured some scenes while listening to the jazz music. When the trumpet played, it reminded me of a scene where a band is playing jazz music in the background at a bar and people are dancing to the beat and melody of the jazz music.

The performance played 7 pieces: “Beautiful Love” by Victor Young, “Alice and Wonderland” by Sammy Fain, “Truth and Beauty” by Sam Yahel, “Misty” by Erroll Garner, “I’ll Close My Eyes” by Blue Mitchell, “Autumn Leaves” by Joseph Kasma, and “Bessie’s Blues” by John Coltrane. All of these pieces were in the jazz music genre. This performance consisted of 4 instruments: a piano,
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This piece is also considered jazz music and has no movement. The piece’s purpose is entertainment since it’s a jazz music. Throughout the entire song, the tempo was moderato and the dynamic was mezzo forte. Near the end of the piece, the drums did a solo. The drums solo sounded almost like rock and roll. During the solo, the tempo became allegro and the dynamics became forte. The piano offered a nice melody and the drums and bass acted as background music. The trumpet gave this piece a nice and smooth jazzy feeling. The rhythm was triple meter and I could hear repeating patterns in the background. The melody was also conjunct and the harmony was major. The form of the piece was medley (ABCD..). This piece contained homophonic texture and had a drum solo. The historical period is the twentieth century. When the piano was playing, it gave this piece a tropical and Hawaiian atmosphere. The drums solo hyped me up due to the clashing of the

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