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  • Descriptive Essay About New York City

    Blinding lights. Towering buildings. Eccentric performers. New York City has become a place known for making dreams come true. New York City fills people with joy despite the hustling of the city’s anti-social inhabitants the gut-wrenching smell of hot dogs and smoke, and the boring view of towering concrete buildings. People scurry like ants through the maze of streets attempting to make it to their subway train on time. Hundreds of people fill the streets, creating a wall that is nearly…

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  • Robert Moses Research Paper

    1. Robert Moses played a very important part in shaping the physical environment of New York City. Robert Moses built almost every major road, parkway, tunnel, beach, pool, causeway, and expressway in New York City and Long Island from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. The Long Island Expressway is the largest highway. The Northern State Parkway transitions from the Grand Central Parkway in the Lake Success area and continues eastward to Hauppauge where it runs into Route 347. The Southern State…

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  • Book Review: The Bronx It Was Only Yesterday

    Sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember every place has a history regardless if residents care for it or not. However, it’s the most difficult when I think about the borough I live in, The Bronx. During my senior year of high school, I received an invitation from The Bronx County Historical Society to join an event. The society invited valedictorians from every Bronx High School to attend this awards reception. This event took place outside next to the Museum of Bronx History where the hosts…

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  • Essay On Five Points

    During the Civil War times, New York was full of many slums, including Five Points in Manhattan. It was full of gangs, crimes and several bars. It was full of many Irish immigrants trying to escape the Great Famine in Ireland. Five Points was considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York. This paper will tell you all about the neighborhood of Five Points. Five Points was completely made up of immigrants. Irish people came to escape the Great Famine, and many of them also lived…

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  • O Keeeffe Visual Analysis

    Cities worldwide containing enormous skyscrapers, bustling streets, and breathtaking views has captured artists attention and been the focal point of thousands of art pieces. However, the way an artist portrays their interpretation of the city often varies. At first glance, Fernand Léger’s 1919 The City and Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1925 New York Street With Moon appear to be extremely different photos— the color schemes, spacing, and amount of detail to objects and movement for each photo are distinct…

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  • New York Trip

    This spring break I finally decided to visit New York for the first time after wanting to go. I would be taking me to a new city that I have never visited before I was feeling excited about going to New York. One the night before I left for New York, I pack and unpack my bag several times going to my clothes several times thinking that I am packing pack too much clothes and which clothes I need to pack for the weather that is expected in New York while I am there. The night before I left to New…

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  • Big Ben At Night Analysis

    Huge Ben at Night London travel is regularly connected with pictures of Big Ben, the acclaimed clock tower from the Palace of Westminster. Worked along the Thames River, Westminster is home to the significant vacation spots in London, including Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster. During the evening, astounding pictures can be caught from the Westminster connect or the Waterloo Bridge of the enlightened attractions, including the London Eye…

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  • Case Study Perfect Location In The Heart Of Lulzern City

    Why BHMS? Perfect Location in the Heart of Luzern City The BHMS grounds structures and understudy habitations are situated in the heart of the wonderful city of Luzern, inside of strolling separation from each other and from the downtown area itself. Living and concentrating on in the heart of this interesting city empower understudies to appreciate the urban qualities and in addition the appeal and selectiveness of Luzern. HomeAboutWhy BHMS? Why BHMS? Perfect Location in the Heart of…

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  • Paragraph About Subway

    • The subway is an underground railroad that is used by many New Yorkers. The subway is one of the most important modes of transportation in New York City. Every day is a different day in the subways. The subway has 27 different lines, and these different lines are A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, L, J, Z, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and S. The subway was created in 1904, and ever since, the subway has been one of the fastest and cheapest transportation in New York City to get around. • The…

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  • Importance Of Civil Engineering

    Have you ever wondered how the colossal New York skyscrapers and bridges are built? Every tourist who has visited New York is astounded by the beauty of the city, however, I see NY with a different vision. Even though I spent my infancy in the relatively small and ancient city of Cusco, with just a few impressive and interesting constructions, due to my father’s profession in civil engineering, I was always connected to the construction world. Since I was a child, I have asked myself many…

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