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  • Reflective Essay: My First Minority Experience

    I have lived my life as a white, heterosexual, upper middle-class male. The community I grew up in, Ann Arbor, openly embraced these representative markers, and usually allowed me to remain in the majority. The situations in which I was in the majority, with respect to class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., have far outnumbered the situations in which I was in the minority. To put it simply, I have almost always been welcomed. Yet this seemed to magnify my perceptions for when I was in…

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  • Personal Narrative-I Lived In Manhattan, New York

    I lived in Manhattan, New York. This is the city where everything happened, evil and good. Many things happened in this neighbourhood. From drug dealers selling drugs to gangs that did crimes such as stealing. Seeing blue lights in my room was something usual to me. It meant that cops had pulled through in our neighbourhood. It was mostly cold in New York. There was a freezing wind that always blew on my face and made me not to feel my nose and make my hands complain due to pain. The skies…

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  • How To Describe A Small Town Essay

    A small town called Westford, in New York State, that’s where I resided in for eighteen years of my life. Westford is about two hours of the city. The closest grocery store is thirty minutes away, and the nearest hospital is twenty three miles. Westford is all country in every way. Animals ran wild everywhere. Some of the animals you would see are squirrels, quails, chipmunks, deer, and even bear. They were not afraid of anything, until hunting season. The trees are so tall with many colors, red…

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  • Analysis Of The Memory Of Things By Gae Polisner

    “On walls and windows and bins and cars all around the rubble pile, New Yorkers have left messages in the grainy dust. They are expressions of anger, love, despair, and patriotism, a form of contemporary poetry that will last not nearly as long as the memories” (Time Wire Reports, 2001). On September 11, 2001, tragedy struck the Twin Towers of New York City, and the citizens of America knew that every moment would forever be imprinted in their minds and history. The attacks could be seen from…

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  • Argumentative Essay: A Guide To Tour America

    A Guide to Tour America America is the birthplace of numerous metropolises like Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Boston, Chicago and New York City. Each of these cities brings to mind a million different thoughts of entertainment, culture and cuisine. If one looks closely they will witness the wide variety which makes up this country. If you wish to enjoy a spectacular tour, USA is the ideal location to start with owing to its natural beauty and rich combination of deserts, mountains, rainforests, canyons,…

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  • Essay On Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge and modernization of New York City Since Brooklyn Bridge was completed in the 19th century, it had been an iconic feature of the New York City. Being not only a bridge that connected Manhattan and Brooklyn for transportation convenience, Brooklyn Bridge had also become one of the greatest landmarks of New York City, even the U.S.A. To be honest, it is Brooklyn Bridge that contributes a lot to the development of the New York City and is the witness to the modernization of the New…

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  • New York Compare And Contrast Essay

    A lot of people travel to New York and Florida personally; I travel to New York a lot because that's where I am originally from. I love traveling back and forward to New York and Florida and seeing the difference between the states. The weather, the fashion and the lifestyle are totally different when going from Florida to New York. I love the difference that we have from New York, I learn something new every time. People ask me all the time would I move back to New York and my answer will…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Wax Museum In New York

    The moment I stepped out of the subway of 42nd Street in Manhattan, I was overwhelmed with a sense of wonder. The kind that let you know everything that there is to see on Broadway, at the same time, reminding you that you have neither the time nor the resources for such adventure. I stood still for a moment, admiring the extraordinary, bright neon signs. I took a deep breath and pulled out my phone in search of the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York. As the location appeared on my…

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  • City Limits Analysis

    unique version of the city. From the moment an individual steps foot in the city, she is “building [her] private New York,” (Whitehead 1). My personal New York —the food stands, pharmacies, and avenues I would come to call home—formed when I moved to Manhattan to attend New York University. When I envisioned what it would be like to live in New York City, I always pictured living around Washington Square Park because that’s where NYU is centered. After being accepted to the university, I spent…

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  • Personal Narrative: Journey To The Destination Of Culture

    Taking the time to go to a destination of culture and different ethnicities, gives the option to open the perspective of different ways of life. The journey from rural Manhattan to Jackson Heights and Flushing Queens opens the eye to many ethnic groups. From the moment on the Subway to the change to the No.7 train, the atmosphere changes and cultures clash. Many would be blindsided and oblivious to the diversity, but going to this destination with the intention of seeking different ways of life…

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