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  • Testwell Laboratories Case Study

    Labs not only examined concrete, but metal as well. On May 31st, 2008, a Crane collapsed, killing two construction workers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Three months prior to the collapse the Testwell helped test the crane used during the collapse. According to Dienst and McQuillan; “Testwell’s work on the crane is not part of the case the Manhattan prosecutors brought against the firm for allegedly falsifying results and records” (Dienst and McQuillan). The actions of Testwell Labs have…

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  • Conclusion In The Lesson, By Toni Cade Bambara

    As individuals we have an utter compulsion to better ourselves, and the instinctual belief of a better tomorrow. In the short story “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, protagonist Sylvia and friends are introduced to a new way of living and naïvely forced to perceive the world in a whole new aspect, therefore stripped of what they once knew. Entering this unfamiliar world, they are exposed to what they could only dream of, delighted by their surroundings, Sylvia and her posse could not help but…

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  • Inwood Walking Survey Report

    Inwood Walking Survey Geography Inwood is a neighborhood that is at the most northern point of the borough of Manhattan. It consists primarily of apartment buildings, with a wide variety of mom and pop business stores. The neighborhood is full of hills and mountainous areas and bordered by two bodies of water; The Harlem River to the north and east, and the Hudson River on the west, which places most of the neighborhood in hurricane evacuation Zone 2 (“Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder”, 2016).…

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  • Theme Of Mood In Fahrenheit 451

    The book is called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. He set the book in a large nameless U.S. city. Ray Bradbury wrote the book in 1953. Since he normally sets his books 100 years into the future, it is presumed that the book takes place in 2053. Two of the main moods in Fahrenheit 451 are dark and gloomy. The book creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere because of the government banning books and the war that destroyed the city. One of the main characters is Guy Montag. He is the protagonist…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Big Apple

    The lovely skyscrapers, all the people, all the taxis, all the fashion, and all the landmarks; I am just reminiscing about the time I took a trip to the Big Apple. It was one of the best things I ever experienced. My dad took me and my sister to the wonderful city of New York for my 16th birthday. Since I wanted to fit in with New York’s fashion, I decided to wear a fluffy, white fur coat with heavy Timberlands. Before we arrived at the Big Apple, we had to go through the Atlanta airport. Our…

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  • The Greatest Showman Analysis

    The Greatest showman - Synopsis and some thoughts about it. I hope you enjoy it. The Greatest showman takes place in New York city and tells the story of P.T. Barnum who grew up as a poor boy and one day founded a circus with very bizarre attractions. He brought up the concept of entertainment even though the show was made with a lot of fake sideshows. Moreover, he had all the support of his wife, who was a childhood love, and his two daughters. There were many conflicts through the movie and…

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  • Gentrification Essay

    What is Gentrification? Gentrification can have a negative connotation and is often compared to white flight, it also can be seen as a race issue. Whereas, a Caucasian population will take over poverty stricken mixed-race neighborhoods and revitalize them with their newly brought in businesses. Alex Schafran writes in the Berkeley Planning Journal, “residents of gentrifying neighborhoods have been "displaced" from the literature on the subject. [They] are so busy trying to define it, quantify…

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  • Personal Narrative: City Of Nightmares

    Jack Fisher City of Nightmares New York, the city of dreams, right? Wrong. I have lived in my “luxury” New York apartment building on 139 East 70th street for about six months now. I have been graced with belligerent language and overpriced...well, everything. It smells a lot worse than Chicago here, but I will admit, New York has a certain aura that pulls you deeper into its captivating chaos that it is so well-known for. One might think I moved all the way here for obvious reasons, but in…

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  • Analysis Of Reflecting Absence By Michael Arad

    Introduction ‘Reflecting Absence’ was designed by Israeli architect Michael. Arad is an Israeli Architect who was born in London. He was working for New York Housing Authority and was well-known after he’s design for 911 M&M was accepted during the competition. [2]And its master plan was designed by Daniel Liheskind who has great experience of design memorial museums such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Imperial War Museum North in Greater Manchesteretc. [3]Moreover, the landscape was…

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  • Sixth Avenue Bistro

    Pre-Visit Experience Goal Arriving in San Diego the prospective customer was hoping to organize a casual dinner for a group of twelve college students. Without much knowledge of the city the customer wished to find a convenient, affordable option which would contribute positively to the experience of all parties included. Not looking for a tourist-attraction or a chain restaurant, the options were limited to favorite local establishments within downtown San Diego. Ideally the restaurant would…

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