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  • The Lightning Thief Analysis

    3. In the Lightning Thief, the introductory chapters establish that the main character, Percy, lives in modern-day Manhattan, New York. They also show Percy’s personality and his relationship with other characters. Percy’s pre-algebra teacher turning into a monster and trying to kill him is the inciting incident. The action continues to rise as Percy's mom drives him and his satyr friend to a special camp while the Minotaur chases them. The Minotaur seemingly kills Percy’s mom, but it is…

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  • Dominican Republic: A Short Story

    It was August 5, 2015. It was a sunny, hot day in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. For most people, it would have been a perfectly beautiful, day. However, for me, it felt like my life was ending. I got into my dad’s car and he drove my mom and me to the airport. While in the car, I felt that my face was wet with tears and was becoming red. I couldn’t believe it, but I was crying. My dad noticed and turned around. He told me that everything was going to be all right. His words made my tears…

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  • Analysis Of West Egg And New Money In The Great Gatsby

    The story “The Great Gatsby” takes place in New York City on Long Island; in the two places was called East Egg and West Egg in the early 1920’s in the Jazz era. West Egg is a fictional place where Gatsby’s mansion and Nick’s small house is at and Daisy and Tom lives in a mansion in East Egg which is also a fictional place. West Egg has a description called new money. Gatsby tries to be all flashy and impressive with his money, which is very irresponsible and unwise (“Old Money V. New Money”)…

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  • Film Analysis: The City That Never Sleeps

    apartment, unlike other cities where cars are needed to get to places the characters could walk a few steps and have a drink. In addition, Ted lives in the Manhattan therefore having a car is inconvenient. This is due to the fact of the immense traffic, limited parking spaces, and expensive parking garages. Furthermore, if you live in Manhattan a car is not necessary for your daily life because everything you need is right around the corner. This concept can be seen in E.B Whites article,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Penn Place In The Heart Of New York

    I live in the heart of Manhattan. I live one block away from Penn station, in between 34th and 35th street on 8th avenue. I live at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. I am in a very populated area of New York City. It is not populated with lots of residence but with commuters and tourists. The building that I live at is the only place on my block that you can reside. You can tell that my street is very touristy and very convenient for commuters. The buildings that are on my streets are all…

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  • Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother Gender Analysis

    New York. She has every designer brand, always the latest fashion, and money is never an issue. While my family is by no means that wealthy we are still pretty well off but I choose Serena because eventually she meets her boyfriend Dan who is from Manhattan and views her at first as shallow and spoiled. I often have been viewed as privileged just because of my socioeconomic status, by no means am I complaining for being blessed with financial stability but I have met people that have told me “ I…

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  • How To Write An Essay About Thanksgiving Day

    breathtaking places to visit. There is something for everyone to see and experience. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve the city is charged with the bustle and excitement of the holiday season. The festivities extend from Rockefeller center to Manhattan to New Jersey. Which means a lot of traffic, dreary taxi rides, crowded subway cars, or a sea of tourists and locals walking briskly to reach their destination. Must – See Events The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a must see, if you can…

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  • Inwood Hill Park Research Paper

    about that site.” The place that is most significant for me and where I love to go is Inwood Hill Park. The place is far from the bustling city and getting there is already part of adventure. Inwood Hill park is very different from other parks in Manhattan, it is largely natural, being non-landscaped. Mostly area of the park consists of hills and mostly wooded. It is always crowded with…

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  • Crotona Park Observation

    Today, I decided to take a walk through to Crotona Park, which is located in the South Bronx. New York City obtained the property from Andrew Bathgates as part of the partnership of the Bronx Park department in 1888. It was known as “Bathgate Woods.” The park was already popular for its scenic view, which includes its trees and its pond. There was a debate when it came to naming Crotona Park. The city planned to name the park Bathgates. A disagreement with the family made a Parks Department…

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  • Central Park Research Paper

    the city is laden with skyscrapers, it is also covered with 14 percent of greenery to enjoy and relax. One of the most popular places in the New York City is Central Park that is close to various important locations and is located at the center of Manhattan. It is a sanctuary that has an amazing scenic beauty and various attractions. The total area of the park is up to 843 acres. If you are on a short holiday then it is the best place to visit as it offers an array of outdoor activities. Places…

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