Analysis Of The Memory Of Things By Gae Polisner

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“On walls and windows and bins and cars all around the rubble pile, New Yorkers have left messages in the grainy dust. They are expressions of anger, love, despair, and patriotism, a form of contemporary poetry that will last not nearly as long as the memories” (Time Wire Reports, 2001). On September 11, 2001, tragedy struck the Twin Towers of New York City, and the citizens of America knew that every moment would forever be imprinted in their minds and history. The attacks could be seen from the Brooklyn Bridge, which played a huge role in taking hundreds of New Yorkers to safety. The federal government also did what they could to keep Americans as safe as possible, including solving the mystery for who was responsible for the horror, and the effects it caused in the aftermath. Almost everyone in the country was somehow connected to …show more content…
The Brooklyn Bridge was used for people to flee New York to the temporary safety of Brooklyn, and the Stuyvesant High School was a real school with students that were directly affected by the attacks. The president and federal government made commands to shoot down any unresponsive airplanes because they were assumed to be hijacked. Citizens of the United States were shocked at what their country was experiencing and the impact caused many to be diagnosed with forms of mental illness and memory loss. America experienced an unthinkable hardship on September 11th, 2001; a day that will always be remembered, especially through literature that precisely explains what happened that fateful

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