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  • Personal Narrative: A City Like Evanston

    A city like Evanston has unprecedented opportunities. Its energy resonates to what I feel when I walk to through the streets of New York City. It is truly home away from home in my mind. But, the best part about the city is that people will not curse you out when you try to get ahead of them if they are walking too slow, or intimidate you if they don’t like the way you are acting. New Yorkers have a knack for all of this. Also how can I forget that it won’t have that constant aroma that NYC has…

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  • Here Is New York By E. B. White Analysis

    For many years New York has been a destination for many people to visit or to live in. There are many things the city has to offer, but at times people will not fully appreciate it. New York is a place in which people can find many opportunities and have a chance for a fresh start. As a New Yorker, and living here my entire life there are some things that I will often take for granted. However, after reading E.B. White’s essay and understanding his point of view on New York and its residents, it…

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  • Research Paper On Amsterdam

    TITLE Amsterdam Has So Much To Offer and Entice LEAD PARAGRAPH One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Amsterdam is a hub of finance, culture, history, art and decadence. Notoriously known throughout the world for its liberal views on prostitution, drugs and general debauchery, Amsterdam is also teeming with centuries of history, galleries of unique art, creatives at the forefront of their fields and museums that are envied throughout the world. Don’t let the stereotypes of Amsterdam…

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  • Climate Change In Elizabeth Kolbert's 'The Sixth Extinction'

    In “The City and the Sea,” Meera Subramanian also discusses something relatively similar to what Jacobsen argues in his article. Meera Subramanian, an award-winning journalist who has been published in the New York Times, Nature, discusses the effects that Hurricane Sandy had on New York City. She specifically talks about one section of New York called Rockaway beach. She goes there to find out how they are preparing for storms such as Hurricane Sandy. Richard George, a local artist that had no…

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  • Night Time Narrative

    Starting cash: $5,000 Saturday Morning: Wow… I slowly turn in circles looking around. All the buildings are huge and there are so many people. I am standing on the corner of W 47th street and Broadway, standing in front of a Starbucks. I should probably find a hotel.. I pull my phone out of my pocket and pull up google maps. I find the Night Time Square right down the road just past 7th Ave is only about $88 a night, so I grip the straps of my backpack and start walking. I walk past the Phantom…

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  • Substance Abuse Rehabilitation And Counseling For Re-Offenders

    Managing a client involves many things. It includes taking care of his/her needs- not only financial, but also emotional. You have to be that person, he not only has to go to, but also “wants” to go to. You have to work hard to cultivate a relationship with your parolee client, so that he turns to you for all his problems, enabling you to effectively carry out your duty that is help overcome problems that might lead to the client “re-offending” To manage a client from a holistic perspective, you…

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  • Cheapest London Hotels

    hotels, you can easily avail the maximum benefits of discounts on the Cheap London hotel deals. Online reservation is the most suitable manner to make an easy and quick reservation with inexpensive, cheap London Hotels. An internet booking costs a lower price as the administration cost is already…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Boston Marathon

    Boston is my home “Haymarket, doors open on the right.” I quickly rose up to get through the cluster of people flooding the doorway. The orange line has become my go-to form of transportation Been living in Metro Boston since day 1, so I was destined to use the T. As I walked out of the subway, the familiar atmosphere that makes up Boston began to set in. Almost like I was walking into my own house. When I’m in Boston I already know I’m at home. Just as I have grown in the same house from…

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  • Economic Problems In Elizabethan England

    celebrated. However, as time passed the countries resources had to be shared among this large and constantly growing population (Pace). All the while, the people that were dealing with the added complications that came with the rising prices and lower…

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  • Bankside Visit Essay

    Five reasons for a bankside visit The Thames is the soul of the city of London; people from faraway destinations have one objective of being as close to Thames as possible. The area from the famous London Bridge to waterloo along the banks of the river Thames is one of the most gorgeous stretches which are beautiful and has a picturesque location, my friends at the park lane hotel used to be near this place for hours at stretch. The stretch is quite large and when you get immersed in the silence…

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