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  • Narrative Essay: The Big Apple: New York City

    Apple New York City is the place that everyone dreams of visiting. From the building, to the city lights, everyone wants to see the city that never sleeps. I remember being six years old and seeing NYC on the news while sitting on my couch in my living room in Poland. All the tall building and city streets did not fail to quickly capture my attention. Before I knew it my parents and I were on the plane and ready to move to NYC. Not knowing what to expect, I was excited yet very nervous at the same time. I was really hoping my high expectations of NYC would not be turned upside down once I actually get there. Every single person has a different interpretation of New York. Some are more enthusiastic than others but most view this city…

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  • Essay About Living In New York City

    All my life, I’ve grown up in the city. Being from New York, I am considered to be a resident of one of the United States major metropolis. Growing up in Brooklyn I would say I have experienced a very urban upbringing. Brooklyn is a monolith of a borough, with a population of 2,636,735 residents it is considered to be the most populous borough in New York. Such a large number of residents means a large number of stores, houses, parks, schools, etc. Travelling Brooklyn by the most famous mode of…

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  • Mark Rothko Entrance To The Subway Analysis

    “Entrance to the Subway” is an oil painting on canvas, by Mark Rothko, an American painter of Russian-Jewish descent. This painting is part of series of street scenes and subway pictures made in the 1930’s by Mark Rothko (National Gallery of Art). This painting serves as an example of depression-era paintings, a time of poverty and unemployment. The main purpose of this painting is to portray the loneliness of city life. The youngest of four children Mark Rothko was born Marcus Yakovlevich…

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  • The Tipping Point Chapter 4 Analysis

    Malcolm Gladwell talks about the crime epidemic in New York City in the 1980’s, and more so what happened to turn the epidemic around. With compelling and intricate arguments, he detailed how something called the Power of Context and the Broken Windows Theory managed to turn the New York subways, and eventually the city as a whole around from alarming high amounts of crime to the widespread belief that shooting someone on the subway was a radial notion. This discussion starts out with the brief…

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  • Descriptive Essay About New York City

    Blinding lights. Towering buildings. Eccentric performers. New York City has become a place known for making dreams come true. New York City fills people with joy despite the hustling of the city’s anti-social inhabitants the gut-wrenching smell of hot dogs and smoke, and the boring view of towering concrete buildings. People scurry like ants through the maze of streets attempting to make it to their subway train on time. Hundreds of people fill the streets, creating a wall that is nearly…

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  • The Influence Of Hip-Hop In Popular Culture

    paintings on New York subways that went “all-city”. Youth and even other, older, individuals with voices that were unheard were eventually heard through all means of Hip-Hop as well. The Hip-Hop movement that started in the 1970’s and gained great popularity in the early 1980’s, created a culture in which youth and others were able to express themselves, when they otherwise wouldn’t be heard, through mediums such as graffiti, break dancing, rapping,…

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  • The Subway Soiree Analysis

    throngs of people of all types of ethnic backgrounds. There is no surprise why Times Square is nicknamed The Crossroad of the World. It is almost impossible to capture the atmosphere of such an eclectic city into a single word, phrase, or picture. Yet, artist Gregory Christie captures such tone like no other. Christie’s picture “The Subway Soiree” is a cultural reflection on the way music unites people of different races. Music is a universal language that is know by know all different groups…

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  • Visit New York City

    world but many people choose New York City as their destination, New York has many touristic and fascinating places to visit. On top of that it has a rich history of the first people who venture to this country and helped build the city that you see today, all of there culture and experiences are engraved in the city’s most famous landmark such as Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty. New York is the more diverse city in the world. New York’s diversity can found in the city’s architecture and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To New York City

    opportunity arose to travel to New York City, with my friend Zach. My school’s basketball team was participating in a National tournament at Yeshiva University, where my friend Zach’s brother had an apartment nearby in Washington Heights. Hearing about the safety issues in the Heights, my parents didn’t want me roaming around the city without any adult supervision. With the backing of my Uncle Richard, who live in the Upper East Side, I began to plan my trip. Brainstorming with my uncle…

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  • Narrative Essay: New York City Vs. Las Vegas

    the Philippines. However, I was worried about college starting and whether I would like it or not because it was something so new that I wasn’t accustomed to. I was more worried about college than the roaring of the storm outside my window. “Take this,” my grandmother whispered, interrupting my thoughts. She passed me a handheld candle. “Thank you,” I whispered back, taking the candle and holding it up to the foggy window. It was difficult to comprehend how a week ago I was in the United…

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