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All my life, I’ve grown up in the city. Being from New York, I am considered to be a resident of one of the United States major metropolis. Growing up in Brooklyn I would say I have experienced a very urban upbringing. Brooklyn is a monolith of a borough, with a population of 2,636,735 residents it is considered to be the most populous borough in New York. Such a large number of residents means a large number of stores, houses, parks, schools, etc. Travelling Brooklyn by the most famous mode of transportation in the city, the subway, you would see a variety of different communities, races, and cultures. The entertainment in Brooklyn also offers various options, there is something for all age groups to do from early mornings too late at night. …show more content…
Many residents don’t own cars. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) provides transportation via subway, trains, and a bus system for most New Yorkers. According to data reported by the MTA, 2,413,247,203 riders rode the subway and bus in 2015. This was personally my way of getting around while in New York. It is considered the fastest, and easiest way most of time. In such a congested city, owning a car is stressful due to gas prices, parking spaces, and traffic. In Delaware I was surprised to find out there is little to no public transportation available – only the minimum is provided. The use of public transportation isn’t as prominent as in New York City due to personal transportation being the selected mode of transportation.
Lastly, being in Delaware for the past 3 months, I have noticed that business close extremely early compared to those in the city & the entertainment sector certainty doesn’t cater to all age groups. Most fun establishments present in Delaware cater to “family fun” while in New York City there is a range from family, to young adult, to adult, and so on. Also the number of establishments present in New York greatly outnumber the establishments present in Delaware. In Delaware you have to make your own fun while in New York you can find fun on every

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