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There are great places to visit around the world but many people choose New York City as their destination, New York has many touristic and fascinating places to visit. On top of that it has a rich history of the first people who venture to this country and helped build the city that you see today, all of there culture and experiences are engraved in the city’s most famous landmark such as Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty. New York is the more diverse city in the world. New York’s diversity can found in the city’s architecture and businesses specially in the restaurants that can be found all over the city in great variation. It 's businesses, architecture and landmarks is what makes New York City a top touristic destination for a lot of …show more content…
Its easy to move around New York you don 't necessarily need a car here because you can always count on the subway system to take you to your destination. Having a transportation system that runs all over the city is a amazing engineering achievement, its complex system and efficiency is something that many people like to see and experience. Talking about engineering achievements one of the most impressive buildings in the world is located in New York I’m referring to the Empire State Building no visit to New York is complete without stoping at the most famous office building in the world. Standing over 1,000 feet tall this building offers a magnificent view of the city from its lobby located over 1,000 feet above the ground, the view includes many of the city 's landmark like the East river that separates the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs, and also the Brooklyn Bridge which stand over the Eats river connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn since its completion in 1883 which makes it one of the oldest bridges in the country not only in New

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