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  • Polio Case Study

    recovered by the vaccine but over 90% of cases were curable within Australia. Founder Dr. Jonas Salk started his research in 1947 after many test on monkeys and some human’s. Governments around the world quickly granted permission to treat polios suffers with the Salk vaccine. The Salk vaccine was first injected into the arm of suffers. Then developed another of the Salk vaccine to then inject the vaccine in to the arms of kids from the age…

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  • Jonas Salk: The Invention Of The Polio Vaccine

    “There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality” (Salk). Jonas Salk, the man who created the polio vaccine, was a medical researcher. His invention of the polio vaccine impacted the medical world. His vaccine was not the only one that had a major impact in the medical world. There were a lot of different vaccines, but the vaccine that cured polio was called “Inactivated polio vaccine.” Polio was one of the nation’s most life-threatening…

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  • How Did Jonas Salk Use The Polio Vaccine

    deal of pain, fear, and heartache for these people. It did, however, lead Jonas Salk to create a vaccine that would change the developed world forever. Polio cause Salk to be able to use different methods and large tests to take a bounding leap in vaccine research. Polio is an infectious disease that is contracted by exposure to infected fecal matter as well as anything that was exposed to it. It enters through the…

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  • Theme Of Individuality In The Giver

    Memories and Individuality Jonas lives in a community whose inhabitants feel no real emotion, where individuality is a thing of the past, and where the world has been drained of color. Jonas is just like everyone else in his community. But after the Ceremony of Twelve, he is separated from his peers in a way that is to them, inconceivable. A man known as The Giver has chosen Jonas to receive memories in order for him to experience the world as it existed in the past: a place of pain, joy, sorrow…

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  • The Giver: An Analysis

    are all treated. For example, when Jonas’ father is showing an elephant to Gabriel he calls it a hippo because that is what the Elder has told them is right. The citizens believe the reality they are told. They have also been led to believe that murder is simply “release” and that older folks get sent to “elsewhere”, which is supposed to be a place of serenity. Really “elsewhere” is heaven. This is all they know because it is all they were ever taught. But when Jonas gets chosen to be the next…

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  • The Giver Chapter 1 Analysis

    Chapter 1 With Jonas living in an unfamiliar world, that he can only recall one time when he was apprehensive indicates his community is very safe. When loudspeakers yell directions and the fate of the pilot, making it clear that the community is a very structured and rule-based facility, and also pointing out the rule-breaking always leads to punishment. The repeating word “release” is in connection with the pilot and to the striving infant, verifying it as very meaningful. Chapter 2 The…

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  • The Giver Sameness

    sameness. At the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas receives the assignment as the next Giver, which represents the most honored assignment in the Community. Jonas learns the “rules” of the Receiver, and begins receiving memories of the past, such as weather and feelings. Jonas begins to experience pain and suffering, and learns that the last receiver, Rosemary asked to be released. A new child comes to live with Jonas, and Jonas transmits memories to him so he can sleep. Jonas starts to see colours red…

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  • The Giver Memory

    Like Spreng said, Jonas uses the memories he receives from the Giver and applies what he learned to his perfect society. When Asher and his friends are playing the game of good guys and bad guys, Jonas recalls back to his memory of warfare. “In his mind, Jonas saw again the face of the boy who had lain dying on a field and had begged him for water.” (Lois Lowry 168) Jonas remembers the terrible face of the boy and remembers how abhorrent war is…

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  • The Giver Book Vs Movie

    Jonas left the community to release the memories and show people things that were being covered up from there censored lives. In the book and the movie, Jonas left the village and crossed the border to release memories, showing the citizens what they were missing. On page 166-167, it said, "He knew he had the remaining hours of the night before they would be aware of his escape... Together the fugitives slept through the first dangerous day." By Lois Lowry using the word fugitive, it enforces…

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  • Conflict And Themes In The Giver By Lois Lowry

    start, I will be explaining the plot. Following that will be conflict and theme. From then on I will cover setting and characters. “The Giver” is a story about a young boy named Jonas. Jonas lives in a world where everything and everyone are the same, except for him. On the day they get their jobs appointed to them, Jonas feels like he doesn’t belong to any specific job. When he is selected as receiver of memory, he is automatically shocked at their decision. He felt nervous for his first day…

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