Polio Case Study

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Polio was a shocking disease in the 1960, affecting large numbers of the population. What changes has the vaccine had upon Australian society?

“The highest recorded incidence of poliomyelitis in the country Australia was 39.1 per 100,000 population was in 1938”- http://www.ncirs.edu.au/immunisation/fact-sheets/polio-fact-sheet.pdf. Polio was a highly contagious virus that entered the body through the mouth. The virus spread across Australia taking the lives of many people or damaging there health since 1930. The disease originated in New England in the 1890’s then speeding to other European countries and after the war then spreading to Australia. Polio was an untreatable virus as over 75% of suffers did not show any
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Due to the isolation process and other prescription drugs use for the disease was contained in some areas, keeping polio patients alive. http://www.post-polionetwork.org.au/late.html. All cases of polio were different, different patients suffered from different side effects such as some patients suffered with breathing difficulties had to live with iron lungs so keep them alive, as some people with breathing difficulty were able to breath with the iron lungs. It was the same with polio suffers that suffered from the loss of limbs, as some patients suffered with minor symptoms such a muscle fatigue. Polio was still a highly deadly disease that was still spreading with all the help that the medical professionals could give to the patients. The rate of death was lower than expected due to the isolation of patients and iron lung process to save people’s lives. Over the 30 years that polio was an uncontained disease that people didn’t know what caused there was only 146 deaths out of the 30,000 people that were diagnosed with polio disease. https://www.rcpa.edu.au/getattachment/72fd414e-8e44-40ec-bea2-19d2a52e2a2f/Immunisation-and-Vaccine-Preventable-Diseases.aspx. Over 20% of polios suffers were diagnosed with minor polio and was able to contain the polio by staying in polio …show more content…
Not all cases of polio were able to be recovered by the vaccine but over 90% of cases were curable within Australia. Founder Dr. Jonas Salk started his research in 1947 after many test on monkeys and some human’s. http://www.accessexcellence.org/AE/AEC/CC/polio.php Governments around the world quickly granted permission to treat polios suffers with the Salk vaccine. The Salk vaccine was first injected into the arm of suffers. Then developed another of the Salk vaccine to then inject the vaccine in to the arms of kids from the age 5-8. This then stop the polio from spreading around not just Australia but the world. The vaccine is still being now injected into the arm of child to the age of 5, but is being reimbursed every ten years to make sure that the Virus stays out of Australia. http://www.accessexcellence.org/AE/AEC/CC/polio.php. Since 2001 the polio case has been closed in Australia but many countries around the world still have small amount of polio cases appearing in

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