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  • The Giver Monologue

    The echoes, or the music I heard grew heavier and heavier, instead of vanishing. I decided to go where the music came from, shoving all the snow and snow slide away to keep Gabriel warm, but the snow kept getting in our way. As I walked through the snow, all the memories from the Giver I learned came up in my mind growing in a cycle and I felt balmy. The colors, food I liked, the sleigh all I learned, all the memories warmth myself even in the snow. Yes, I felt warm, but as the memory grew, I…

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  • A Good Idea To Live In The Giver

    JONAS. JONAS. With the chant, Jonas knew, the community was accepting him and his new rule, giving him life, the way they had given it to the new child Caleb. His heart swelled with gratitude and pride. “ ( Lowry 61 ). People in the community were very for Jonas and chanted his name giving him life and making him happy again all the nervousness was gone and everything was perfect again. “ It was a small thing, the standing; but no one had ever stood automatically to acknowledge Jonas’ presence…

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  • Character Analysis Of The Novel's 'The Giver'

    It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” In “The Giver” Jonas becomes assigned to being the new receiver, which is the highest honored and most important job in the community. The receiver has the ability to receive memories, good or bad, and also to give memories. While being the receiver in training he learned that with leadership comes responsibility and that he has to commit to being the new receiver. Jonas has…

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  • The Importance Of Imagery In Lois Lowery's The Giver

    the film the scenes adjust to what Jonas (Brandon Thwaites), the main character, has or has not seen, felt, or heard through the Giver (Jeff Bridges). Jonas is assigned his job at the age of eighteen, and is deemed to have all the qualities to be the next Receiver, the only person in the entire community to be able to receive memories of the past, before this utopian society was created. The giver, who is the current Receiver of Memory, is starting to train Jonas, the main character who is to…

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  • Analysis Of Uniformity In Thomas More's Utopia

    that may not be making the best choices for them. However, maybe this is an idea that may keep society safer. In the giver the following exchange takes place between Jonas and the Giver. "Oh. Jonas was silent for a minute...we don 't dare to let people make choices of their own. Not safe? The Giver suggested. Definitely not safe, Jonas said with certainty. "What if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And they chose wrong? (Lowry 98) Making wrong choices can seem catastrophic to someone…

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  • Similarities Between The Giver A Dystopian Society

    having to worry about everything; but because of the all the positive things that they wanted they had to make it successful the caused it to be a dystopian soicety because of its lack of feelings, choices, and individuality. In the book The Giver Jonas the main protagonist has his job chosen as the Receiver and is chosen out of all the citizens to get all pain and happy thoughts from the past. From this he finds out his society isn't as great as he thought and goes decides to leave. Although…

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  • Lost In The Neighbourhood Book Report

    Do you ever forget something? Imagine forgetting your whole life, That’s exactly what happened to Jean Daragane in So You Don’t Get Lost In The Neighbourhood by Patrick Modiano. Like many books, So You Don’t Get Lost In The Neighbourhood the should be turned into a movie. Theres many reasons for a book to turn into a movie, three of which will be briefly discussed. The first argument is about the genre, and how this movie will have parents and teens hooked to this movie with all the mystery and…

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  • Ender Wiggin: Comparing The Book And Movie

    NO! Fact, quote, hypothetical situation, or story for attention getter -Ender Wiggin, a 12 year old boy saved all humanity from the dangerous creatures, buggers, through a game ,No other human was able to do what this 12 year old has done. Ender was six year old when separated from his family and taken away to battle school where the adults controlled his life.he was manipulated, lied to and was tricked into killing the enemy species, the buggers. He was hurting people but did not want to. He…

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  • Themes In The Giver

    and peace may last forever. In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas, a special young boy, resides in a perfect utopia where their lives are planned out for them. At the Ceremony of Twelve, the Twelves will part ways and start training for the assigned jobs where they will work until they enter The House of the Old. Once Jonas is selected to be the Receiver of Memories he learns that their perfect world is not so perfect after all. The utopia that Jonas lives in does not respect personal freedom…

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  • The Giver And Anthem Analysis

    “unmentionable times”. They couldn’t know any of the simplest things that we know today like electricity. This supports knowledge was limited in Anthem because it shows how their society took knowledge in even the everyday things, away. In The Giver Jonas said his societys’ knowledge would go on only if they became a scholar or leader so that they may be able to lead and further advance…

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