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  • The Giver

    story, Jonas, the protagonist and narrator, is living in an orderly community in the future that runs on a strict set of rules. The book was published in 1993, and like any great book a film adaptation was filmed, and released about a year ago. Like any book and its film adaptation, there are some differences. In The Giver, some major differences included the age of graduation, the jobs of Asher and Fiona, who were Jonas’ best friends, and the endings of the story. During the exposition, Jonas…

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  • The Importance Of Memory In The Giver

    The decisions we make impact our past, present and future. The Giver takes place in what seems to be utopia or a paradise. Life is good and people are happy. Everyone plays games and is polite to each other. But something is wrong and Jonas can sense it. Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory. The Receiver takes in all of the memory from the past. There is also no pain, hunger, war, poverty or crime. This is good, however this also includes music, art, color, love, and literature. A world that…

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  • The Giver Themes

    Truth The Giver is a brilliant book that contains many themes. These themes can be used in your life to make you a more successful person. There was one certain theme that stood out the most in the book. Truth can be pleasurable and painful. Truth is a major component in the book. The value of truth is evident throughout the entire book. In the book, The Giver, certain information is retained from the citizens that results in the community being controlled. The lack of freedom for the…

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  • The Giver And Harrison Bergeron

    story, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and the article, “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, both main characters are poised as hero’s. In The Giver, Jonas is selected as the receiver of memory. After many months of training, Jonas’s realizes that there is more beyond what he has learned in his community. He learns about family, music, and most of all, love. Jonas believes that the feelings he has experienced should be shared with everyone in his community, but his message isn’t vivid, for it is…

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  • The Meaning Of Life In 'The Giver'

    come. Why think of the future when one could be focusing on what is going on right now. Why push a “surprise” button when everything that happens is already full of surprises. If Jonas were to decide whether or not to press a “surprise” button, he would press it because he is thoughtful, curious, and apprehensive. Jonas has always caring towards his peers, friends, and family, which is why he was chosen as the new “Giver”. When it comes to pressing a button that says “surprise”, he would think…

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  • Divergent And The Giver Comparison

    In the book Divergent and The Giver Tris and Jonas are the main protagonists, that play important parts in the story. Tris is a young women that faces many hard decisions that have to do with where she belongs. Jonas is a young man that lives in a society where everything is kept a secret. Tris from Divergent and Jonas from The Giver have similarities and differences. Tris and Jonas are both characters that face tough decisions and live complicated lives. For example, in the book Divergent Four…

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  • Similar Themes In Ender's Game By Orsen Scott Card

    Ender and Jonas both come from two different settings, yet they still have similar challenges and take similar paths.In ender’s game written by Orsen Scott Card ,Ender must go through a difficult training at the same age as Jonas- twelve. In Ender’s training he must fight in a three dimensional, zero gravity arena. He gets shot at by special guns, which paralyse his suit and often get’s hurt.Ender is also isolated from the rest of his group and as soon as he starts making friends he is moved…

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  • Memories In The Giver

    The Giver, by Lois Lowry, the main character, Jonas, becomes the Receiver, after a fail with the previous one, and begins to have memories transported into his mind. The community has no memories and only the Giver and Receiver share this heavy responsibility. The job of Receiver is a major role in the community because this person advises the Committee of Elders using memories from the past to help them make decisions for their future. When Jonas becomes the Receiver, he begins to experience…

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  • Pain And Suffering In 'The Giver'

    Will he live or be lost? The Giver is an interesting movie with a young man named Jonas. He lives with his father and mother and sister lily. The Giver is a novel that copies the world today. Jonas and all the other 12 year olds in his world are given jobs. He, among them, is given the most important job of receiving all the memories of the world. He learns that there is actually color and truth about his world. It copies the world today because the whole point is that when your 12 in that world…

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  • The Giver Theme Essay

    Giver, Jonas doesn’t start to feel anything until he starts to receive memories from the current Receiver. In this essay I get to talk about three themes, which are Individuality, Memories, and Emotions. I think that these are the most important themes of this story and are the main reasons behind why what happens, happens. In the current world, being individual is normal because everyone has their own uniqueness to them. We’re used to individuality, so we don’t recognize it as much as Jonas…

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