Jonas Salk: The Invention Of The Polio Vaccine

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“There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality” (Salk). Jonas Salk, the man who created the polio vaccine, was a medical researcher. His invention of the polio vaccine impacted the medical world. His vaccine was not the only one that had a major impact in the medical world. There were a lot of different vaccines, but the vaccine that cured polio was called “Inactivated polio vaccine.” Polio was one of the nation’s most life-threatening and harmful diseases of the Twentieth Century. The vaccine that cured polio saved many lives, mostly kids. Today polio is that common since the vaccine was made.
Polio affected many Americans during the 1900s, before Jonas Salk’s vaccine. The effects
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His cure for polio left the world relieved. “In countries where Salk's vaccine has remained in use, the disease has been virtually eradicated” (American). Jonas Salk’s vaccine saved many lives. “The vaccine was important because before the vaccine was available children and older adults would die from the virus. Many children who survived the virus became paralyzed or suffered from some sort of neurological problems. After the vaccine the number of cases dropped dramatically. The Poliovirus is eradicated in the Western hemisphere. The last case was in 1978" (Herrera). In the 1970s he published five books of essays on human life and the nature of evolution. Thanks to Jonas Salk, Americans today do not have to worry about the Polio virus.
Polio was one of the nation’s most harmful diseases, but thanks to Jonas Salk’s vaccine, millions of lives have been saved. Jonas Salk became the hero of America. Everyone relied on him and everyone felt relieved when he invented the cure for polio. No one had to worry about polio anymore. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine became the basis for all polio vaccines today. Polio could still be a problem today without Jonas Salk and his polio vaccine. Jonas Salk, when questioned about the vaccine summed it all up “It is safe, and you can’t get safer than safe”

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