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  • Positive And Negative Effects Of HITECA

    The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) of 2009 was established to promote electronic medical record (EMR) adoption and electronic health information exchange. Furthermore, incentives and penalties were fixed to invoke health organizations to install EMR programs and achieve meaningful use standards set forth by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Overall, the HITECH Act and Meaningful use standards were created to improve quality of…

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  • South Carolina Heart Center Case Study

    Medical Records at South Carolina Heart Center are split between two distinctive groups: Analysts and Health Information Management Specialists. The Analyst’s purpose is to analyze medical records for completeness in order to provide an accurate and complete medical record for patient encounters. The Health Information Management Specialists is to ensure patient records are obtainable by filing loose or batched information on patients. The functions are different for each group as well. Health…

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  • EHR In Health Care

    Caregiving facilities benefit from using electronic health records (EHRs) with improved care and coordination as well as increased patient wellness participation. The systems also facilitate easier information access and improve evaluations and outcomes. These digital archives also save on labor costs by creating less staffing demands and improving workflow. Electronic Information Management in Healthcare Electronic technology improves how people create and share information. These…

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  • Effects Of Computers In The Medical Field

    practices are being conducted an on method of provision of health care, From medical procedures, patient diagnosis and administrative tasks, computers have simplified services in the medical field in addition to streamlining record keeping thus enhancing patient and healthcare staff relationships. Whatever service…

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  • Summary: The United States Health Care System

    States Health care system can be looked upon as the land of opportunity. The United States health care industry is single handedly the largest employer in the country. According to the Data presented by the World Bank the gross domestic product for health expenditure in the United States was 17.1% in 2013(World Bank). The opportunity for administrators and third party payers is endless. In the free market, business organizations would be drooling at the market opportunity that the U.S. health…

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  • Technology Trends In Health Care

    Health Care Technology Trends Today’s healthcare systems are so intricately maintained and for the most part quite efficient. Hospital, Clinics, and Physicians alike are always looking for ways to make documenting the patient’s health record accurately and efficiently. One of the better know systems in place right now would be Cerner, a company that is a one-stop shop, that develops, builds, sells, implements and supports health devices and hardware. The company also adds services to include;…

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  • The Role Of Medicare Incentive In Healthcare

    of healthcare for both the patient and insurance carriers. In 2011 an incentive program was established by the name of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program to encourage eligible professionals and eligible hospitals to adopt, implement, to upgrade, and demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health records. "Meaningful Use" is a term describing documentation…

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  • Patient-Centric Systems (HIT)

    The use of health information technology (HIT) can be seen as a tool that makes it feasible for health care providers to better handle patients ' care through a secured and health information sharing process. By making health information available electronically has also brought health care closer to the patient when and where it is needed. Apart from making health information easily accessible, HIT can make health care more cost effective and improve its quality. Some of the health information…

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  • Rehabilitation Hospital Case Study

    Systems in the nation. They have gained worldwide prominence for groundbreaking West Nile research being conducted by their Center for Neuroscience and Neurological Recovery. I chose to interview Mary Palmertree Montana who is the Director of Medical Records at Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) here in Jackson. She was a graduate of the program here at UMMC. She has been RHIA credentialed since 1996 and has over 11 years…

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  • Informatics Needs Assessment

    Informatics Needs Assessment Implementing a new electronic health record (EHR) system from a manual documentation will require administration to complete a needs assessment. During the needs assessment, the company will need to assess and determine the appropriate EHR for the organizational needs along with the needs and wants of the clinical and provider staff. We are going to take a closer look at how to complete a needs assessment and why it is important for the implementation of an EMR in…

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