Electronic health record

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  • Electronic Health Record Summary

    Patients trust health care professionals and providers protect their medical information. Developments in technology allow for easier utilization and access to health records through electronic portals for patients and physicians. Laws such as the Health Information Accountability Act sets standards that health care providers must follow to ensure patient privacy. The purpose of this paper is to describe the Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandate and discuss how the Cleveland Clinic has…

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  • Compare And Contrast Electronic Health Record

    contrast electronic health record and paper record The major purpose of the health record management is to have a documented process of gathering, analyzing and creating the secured paper for all the patients that include all the aspects of their health concerns (Silverman, 2004). There are two types of the heath record management. The records are electronic heath record and paper record. There are some similarities and differences between electronic health records and paper health records.…

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  • The Benefits Of Electronic Health Records

    of the most useful to my professional practice has been the development of Electronic Health Records (EHR), which are simply digital versions of paper charts. Computer-based patient records have greatly impacted how things are now done in my unit and in my facility. 53 percent of physicians believed that the use of EHRs can improve the quality of care they provide (Wynia 2011). We have been using computer based health records for several years and over the years, we have transitioned into more…

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  • Overview Of The Electronic Health Record System

    According to the research the Electronic Health Record system comes with risks and in order to prevent these risks companies should gather information and form an analyst to determine the validity of the information. For example, understanding and becoming familiar with how the system works or treat different user types could be complicated; when the user type is establish it is best to test different scenarios in order to execute and perform the analysis.(Gelzer, Reed D. 2015). However, during…

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  • The Impact Of Electronic Health Record On Nursing Informatics

    INFORMATICS 1 Electronic Health Record: The Impact on Nursing Informatics Peta-Gay Pinnock Dr. Gwen Morse November 26, 2016 NURSING INFORMATICS 2 Abstract One of the goals of the field of nursing informatics is working to improve the electronic health record system. Electronic Health Record (EHR) is simply just what the name implies. Patient health information that is stored electronically. Instead of a paper filing system, everything is located on an electronic database. This electronic…

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  • Essay On Electronic Health Records

    Electronic health records provide a very efficient mode of communication in the healthcare field. In addition to allowing for a quick access to patient information, such records also minimize the chances of human errors. In such a system, physicians never have to worry about eligibility and correctness of files. Costly mistakes because of inaccurate file storage are minimal in this mode of record storage. Unlike paper health records that are prone to loss and damage, electronic health records…

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  • Meaningful Use Of Electronic Health Record System

    information with other health care providers is also made substantially easier with an EMR system. While EMR interoperation is a long term goal and one not realized yet, it is possible to select patient information, including lab results and other diagnostic information, and share that with other providers, substantially increasing the quality of patient care. Today hospitals are adopting, implementing, upgrading, or demonstrating the Meaningful Use of certified electronic health record (EHR)…

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  • Electronic Medical Record And Health Care Case Study

    Electronic Medical Records The purpose of this case analysis is to address the problem related to Electronic Medical Records and Health Care. Let us, examine how effective can be EMR to support health care of the patient. Technology has always been helpful in solving the problems associated to health and medical care. Advance technologies have been used to cure diseased people all around the world. Let's have a look at another Digitizing Technology, i.e. EMR (Rouse, 2011). Problem in Case…

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  • Kenda's Case Study: Electronic Health Records

    problem is that the staff members do not have much experience using the system which will require trainings and more procedures. What are the possible causes and contributing factors of each problem? The first problem is the fact that the Electronic Health Records system is very expensive. One of the causes is that the systems might require expertise for its installation making the cost higher. In addition, there might be other resources that require much money then, making the cost higher.…

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  • Electronic Health Record System Research Paper

    the health system for care, the pressure in the physicians practice can be overwhelming. Any physician would rather have more face time with a patient then spend time on administrative work. I do not believe Physicians “ game the system”, I think that electronic health records systems has just made it easier for physicians to document appropriately. Unfortunately, the old paper encounter could not reflect all of the complexity behind what actually happens during a visit. The electronic health…

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