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  • The Importance Of EHR In Healthcare

    practice that use EHR (electronic health record). There are many benefits and challenges that comes along with use the electronic health record. It has benefits for physicians, but as well as the patients, and other clinical staff that uses this electronic system. Electronic health system play a major role in patient health. “Providers in some areas can use EHR systems to quickly find and notify patients who may be at risk for problems related to unsafe drugs or medical devices” (Health IT).…

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  • VACAA Case Study

    After the wait-time scandal at the Arizona VA in 2014, the President Obama signed the law, the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-146, “VACAA”) in order to improve access to health care for the Veterans in a timely manner with great bipartisan support (Branchely, 2014). This bill includes several initiatives to improve the current standards of care and decrease wait times. In order to urgently address the situation, the law recommends hiring more resources,…

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  • Safer Guides: A Case Study

    systems [4]. Over the past decade the US government has made long term, multibillion dollar investments in health information technologies, including…

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  • Electronic Medical Records: A Case Study

    Practice Guidelines portion of Electronic Medical Records: Physician’s Buy In With the outburst of technology and the new and creative ways to access information. Also healthcare administrators we understand that physicians are forced to leave behind pen and paper and fiercely adapt to the use of the IT world. However, there has been resistance to the adoption of new systems and the integration of patient care. To complicate things, health administrators and health leaders are asking physicians…

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  • Future Of Health Care

    The Past and the Future of Health Care Peter Drucker once said, “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different”. The health care field will always be changing. Some changes are due to the considerable amount of new technology, the older population, and the health care reform. Most doctors are trying their utmost to evolve with the changes that keep coming in health care. The United States is trying to make the health care field more efficient and enhance patient care…

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  • Clinical Informatic Essay

    medical and health specialties, including nursing, and addresses the ways information systems are used in the day-to-day operations of patient care” (Alexander, Firth, & Hoy, 2015, p. 7) . The use of clinical informatics in healthcare settings has allowed healthcare providers (HCP) to maintain patient records accurately, more efficiently and securely. Facilities that have patient encounters, whether direct or indirect, have network systems and programs that can access all patient records…

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  • Electronic Medication Research

    Electronic Medication Administration Record and Patient Safety One of the reason medication related deaths occur are due to medication errors (Karen, 2011, p. 1). In fact, within the United States, approximately 7,000 people die each year due to medication errors (Karen, 2011, p. 1). According to Karen (2011) 1.3 million medication errors occur yearly, which relates to several injuries and approximately one death a day related to medication errors in the Unites States (Karen, 2011, p. 1). One…

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  • The Importance Of Strategic Alliances

    organization in some form or fashion (assuring adequate raw materials, supplies, technology, educational resources, etc.). More formal strategic alliances would include vertical and horizontal growth/consolidation through mergers and acquisitions. In health care, providers often enter into strategic alliances not only for the benefit of the partners but also for the wellbeing of patients and communities. However, strategic alliances such as mergers, acquisitions and…

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  • Informatics Nursing Case Study

    Clinic Nurse Specialist is only for master’s level or higher. Criteria to meet for certification are mentioned under the licensure explanation. Coursework includes clinical information systems and consumer health information with informatics nurse practicum. In the masters’ level, education, public health…

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  • Importance Of EHR Implementation

    implementation in order to achieve more effective care processes. Nursing leadership is the representation of the nursing staff as a whole. They are there to make sure that implementation of the system streamlines the workflow process. This will improve health outcomes and reduce duplication of nursing efforts. This will also alleviate the strain of not having nursing input when the EHR implementations are being done. Nurses are the central hub of information in healthcare. Nurses interact and…

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