Podiatry Workflow Analysis Paper

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The American Podiatric Medical Association is making a direct effort to inform members about Health IT and Meaningful Use. A recent analysis of the initial federal incentive payments for Meaningful Use shows that podiatrists make up 12 percent of the total number of recipients; this is substantial considering that this specialty makes up less than 2 percent of Medicare practitioners and physicians.

With a podiatry practice generally consisting of a solo or small-group practice that functions independently, finding a low-cost, easy to deploy electronic health records (EHR)/electronic medical records (EMR) software is essential.
Podiatry EHR Software Common Features
Podiatry Workflow Management

The workflow design needs to allow you and your patient a simple
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This model allows multiple health information systems to exchange data and interpret that data. Each system understands what kind of data it is looking at based on the standard for the exchange of health information between clinical systems (Health Level 7).

3. Semantic

This model is the most complex, and the most desirable because it allows health information systems to transfer and interpret data. However, semantic interoperability can be difficult because clinicians frequently refer to identical procedures in different ways.

When providing interoperability, an individual EHR vendor receives little value, which is why most create systems that do not interface with other EHRs. The inability for these systems to communicate means that the universal health information exchange (HIE) would have to consist of one EHR system, exclusively.

It seems the U.S. government recognizes that such a solution is untenable; even so, choosing an EHR system that supports interoperability is becoming a requirement. For instance, providers who want to benefit from the Meaningful Use Stage 2 must demonstrate that their EHR system has the ability to exchange health information with a variety of other EHR

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