Essay On Health Information Exchange

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Health Information Exchange is tremendously important in the healthcare field. It enables the opportunity for medical staff to be able to share between providers within Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) policy. Thus making hospitals become more efficient and effective with proving quality of care, but it widespread and be able to interoperate depends on patients allowing healthcare providers to be share their health records throughout the world. We must show patient they can trust facilities with their information and build a bond between the physicians and patients. Not having the bond between physicians and the patients it may result in having medical errors in their records and having patient to do a procedure
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Why is it so important? In order to further understand Health information exchange we need to discuss the background of HIE. Health Information Exchange (HIE) is defined as health care information exchange electronically across many different organizations. It assists with transfer and sharing patient health information that once was considered to be paper based system, but is slowly transition into electronic health records.
Interoperability is a phrase part of an implementation plan for HIE that most hospital are hearing now especially how it will communicate with the Electronic health records between facilities. This is a key component for Health information exchange to be able to operate efficient. In order to discuss the communication between Electronic Health Records (EHR) we need to know what is Interoperability and its purpose. Interoperability is being able to share medical information between various healthcare systems and allow for two systems to be interoperate, they must be able to exchange data and present that data to improve quality patient care. AS for the communication between electronic health records its how systems communicate with each other, how information processed and managed, the interaction between healthcare

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