Electronic Medical Record And Health Care Case Study

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Electronic Medical Records
The purpose of this case analysis is to address the problem related to Electronic Medical Records and Health Care. Let us, examine how effective can be EMR to support health care of the patient. Technology has always been helpful in solving the problems associated to health and medical care. Advance technologies have been used to cure diseased people all around the world. Let's have a look at another Digitizing Technology, i.e. EMR (Rouse, 2011).
Problem in Case Government of US has been trying to create more efficient health care system. But there are certain issues to settle down before creating the system. Technology has advanced so much but still most of hospital are working with paper and pen. They hardly
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Whereas, it is almost impossible for smaller organization which are with below 50 beds and 4 doctors. It seems larger hospitals can easily install the system but smaller hospitals can never meet the requirements of the system.
Technological: Poorly designed network of EMR will not allow to retrieve information that doctors seek from the system itself. Due to absence of proper search engine it takes longer time to search small piece of information. Even EMR doesn't have capacity to drill out specific data at the required moment.
Impact of not Digitizing Medical Records Digitizing Medical records can impact highly on social, political and business cultures. It can transform all the sectors immediately but what impacts are made while not digitizing the medical records, let's put light over it.
Individual physician: Not digitizing the medical records creates hassle in handling papers and medical records. Physician won't be able to provide efficient medical to care to the patient.
Hospitals: Medical records at hospitals may get destroyed or loss due to some accidents. It may be impossible to save all the records for future references and medical accidents may take place due to loss of medical records. Hospital has to go through hard times during those
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The process of medical check up will be less time consuming therefore hospitals can give service to larger number of people. Digitizing medical records will cut off the medical accidents and save lives of patients as well as image of the business itself. Since people get better health and medical services they can actively involved in social activities. Healthy people are the best resource of any nation so through digitizing system even a country can be benefited. Finally the investment made by government can get good return and people facilitated with good medical service can contribute in increasing GDP of the country and could help in building better

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