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  • Tooth Crushing Essay

    improve breath and to keep the mouth clean it is advisable to brush twice daily, gentle flossing between the teeth along with proper cleaning of the tongue and gingival massage. Proper home care brushing practices, regular visits to dentist and routine dental check-ups will reduce the risk of having gingival and periodontal diseases. Various studies on oral hygiene suggest…

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  • Dental Implant

    Dental implants have more and more become a routine permanent treatment to replace missing teeth. They are used to support one or more false teeth, with a long-term solution that is as close to the natural teeth as possible. Dental implant is the best tooth replacement option that give a good long lasting outcome (Misch 2014). Implants help reserve the surrounding bone that resorbs – as a natural effect - when a tooth is lost. A dental implant, made of titanium, usually looks like a screw-shaped…

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  • Osseointegration Kinetics

    Critical Surface Tension and roughness are parameters that may play a role in the implant-tissue interaction. Guehnnec et al. (2007) reviewed the different methods used for applying osteoconductive coatings and increasing surface roughness to titanium dental implants (such as titanium plasma-spraying, grit-blasting, acid-etching, anodization or calcium phosphate coatings) and their surface characterization and topographies were described. They showed that the development of these surface…

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  • Dental Hygienist: Discussion Questions

    questions below. Cut/paste the questions into your discussion post, and then provide your response: 1. List 5 procedures that dental hygienists are allowed to perform? What types of procedures are prohibited? (note: use the “Statutes” section for this). Dental hygienists, that are legally licensed are allowed to perform procedures on their own such as: exposing and processing dental radiographs, prophylaxis, scaling, root planning and closed subgingival curettage. They can perform certain…

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  • Essay On Becoming A Dental Assistant

    the dental field that help everyone get that perfect smile that they dream for. One group of people that are in the dental field are called dental assistants. As a dental assistant there are many tasks that dental assistants do like prepare patients for teeth treatments, cleanings, and sterilizing instruments. Dental assistants might also assist the dentist suction equipment to clear patients ' mouths during any surgeries or dental procedures, they might also help with keeping patients dental…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dental Implants

    about dental implants and you may have the vague understanding that they're used to replace missing teeth, but beyond this, Houston residents don't know much more. This is a terrible shame because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the second most common disease in America. Every year, millions of teeth are lost to decay, accidental trauma and gum disease, so it would serve each and every one of us to understand our tooth replacement options. Dental…

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  • How To Start A Dental Hygienist Essay

    walk down the long hallway until you get to one of the rooms and sit in the chair. Then the dental hygienist comes into the room,the one who makes a well paying salary,.has a flexible working schedule and also the most friendly environment that you can possibly work in. They work hard the whole time until you can leave the room confidently with the smell of minty freshness following you wherever you go. Dental hygienists have a great well paying salary. Having a well paying salary in your job is…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Metal Braces

    What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know “I’ll look ridiculous having braces in my twenties, how embarrassing. Braces are for teenagers,” mentioned my sister one day. I understood why she felt like that, there was definitely a stigma behind getting metal braces, but then my Grandma went on to mention something called Invisalign. Since my sister’s main problem with metal braces is she’s concerned with how she will look, my Grandma pointed out it may be a good thing to look into. But looking…

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  • Dental Consulting Case Study

    For dental professionals, finding the right practice can be more difficult than drilling cavities. The use of a dental consulting company to find openings often is the best move you can make when seeking a job in the industry. Level 5 Dental Consulting knows the vital role a dental consultant plays in the search for a new practice, and they want to help every dental professional in Arkansas find the right job. Consulting companies are vital for dental professionals because they work with a large…

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  • Invisalign Precautions

    Invisalign® FAQs The Invisalign system is a set of transparent aligners that are used to straighten teeth. Is Invisalign suitable for my lifestyle? Snacking anytime you want isn't a problem. Just remove your aligners then eat and drink like normal. Maintain healthy teeth and gums by removing your aligners to brush and floss on a regular basis. Do you have a special evening planned? You can temporarily remove your Invisalign aligners. Do your normal daily activities, you don't have to change…

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