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  • Post Orthodontic Retainers Essay

    Problems and myths for a well sustained post-orthodontic treatment was overcome by the long-term implementation of a orthodontic retainer. Having results show the effectiveness of maintaining the stability of the repaired and modified dentition.1 However, effective results came with a price of possible failures, increased plaque and calculus accumulation, thus leading to a greater risk of negative gingival outcomes.1 Another consequence seem to appear with fixed retainers, these include,…

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  • Dental Veneers Research Paper

    Makes Someone A Great Candidate For Dental Veneers Have teeth with cosmetic problems that you want fixed, such as gaps, chips, or discoloration? If so, dental veneers are a great cosmetic dentistry procedure that can make your smile beautiful again. However, it is important that you are a great candidate for dental veneers since everyone is not always a good fit for the procedure. Make sure you meet the following criteria before moving forward with getting dental veneers. You Have…

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  • Dentistry Personal Statement Essay

    people smile. It’s my dream to make people smile without pain and establish a career in research and educate people about advanced dental science. I would like to devote myself to fulfill the aim of father of modern dentistry with my knowledge, enthusiasm, and efforts. During my rotations, I took initiatives in primary prevention, lecturing in the community on dental hygiene and nutrition. This enhanced rapport, taught me how to instill patient confidence, obtain their trust and foster…

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  • Dental Hygienist Experience Essay

    my observations I witnessed many situations that I will encounter in my journey in becoming a dental hygienist and when I start practicing on my own after completing the program at West Coast University. Mainly from what experienced I learned that the patient is the most important thing when they sit down in your chair. The experience they have can shape their personal feelings about coming to a Dental office. How the appointment goes can either have a positive and negative outcome. Positive as…

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  • Essay On Orthodontics

    Orthodontic treatment is valuable during this time among the patient as an important way of correcting teeth alignment. It is considered as an art as well as science. This unique technology combines both science and art in the field of orthodontic dentistry. By using different types of braces thousands of mouths have been saved from prolonged discomfort. However, there are so many people who don't have clear knowledge about what is orthodontics. It is also important to know what makes an…

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  • Passion For Dentistry

    Ever since I was in third grade I have always had a passion for dentistry. I love going to the dentist and have always thought becoming a dentist would be ideal for me. I have recently job shadowed my dentist. While job shadowing, I gained an abundance of knowledge by watching and questioning. He has been very helpful in my decision to pursue dentistry. In my sophomore year I also found a new passion for chemistry; I could apply this newfound passion to dentistry. My love for chemistry began my…

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  • Essay On Dental Crowns

    Crowning Glory: 3 Must-Know Info on Dental Crowns As people age, there are many reasons teeth can become damaged. Between the lack of proper care and unpredictable accidents, damaged teeth are not as uncommon among individuals, whatever the age or status. Because of this, it is important to know what your options are, in case you find yourself in this situation. After all, you wouldn’t want a damaged tooth to damage your smile. Reasons to Have Dental Crowns Dental crowns have been the easy…

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  • Essay On Teeth Bleaching

    teeth. Their whitening products are stronger and their bleaching trays should be customized to your mouth, allowing you to have significantly whiter teeth in just one or two dental visits.…

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  • The Power Of Three Branches Of Government

    relate to our branches. The first thing that happens when you go to the dentist is you get your teeth cleaned. This represents the legislative branch. The dental hygienist begins to get to work to make sure your teeth look admirable and white. This expresses the legislative branch because the legislative branch generates the laws, while the dental hygienist makes your teeth nice and clean. Most people don't like to go to the dentist, because it is such a hassle. Well trying to get a law passed…

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  • Comparison Of Dentistry And Chirlotry

    also gain a bachelors degree and then attend a graduate school. They too must also complete a required amount of credit hours in science course to become accepted to a graduate school. One additional requirement for dentistry is they must take the Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) to become accepted to a graduate school. Which is the opposite for chiropractors because they do not have to take any acceptance test to get into a graduate school. Dentist do have to gain a license to perform in any…

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