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  • Surgeon Dentistry Report

    Brilliant people made historical, dental advancements possible. Since the beginning of history, people have worked to expand the field of dentistry. Between 500 and 300 BC, Hippocrates and Aristotle documented the eruption pattern of teeth along with the treatment of decayed teeth. The two also established the use of extracting teeth with forceps and the ability to use wires to correct loose teeth and fractured jaws. The 1700s, one of the most productive centuries for dental advancements,…

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  • Dental Hygienist Advantages

    Five Advantages of Selecting Dental Hygiene as a Career If you're still at a point in your life where you haven't decided on what path to take as your vocation, there are many good reasons to consider becoming a dental hygienist. The following are just a few of the advantages in pursuing this career. There is strong demand for this type of work When you visit a dentist, the chances are that you will also spend some time with a dental hygienist. These are the people who clean your teeth before…

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  • Explain Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist

    The role of a Dental hygienist and therapist is to treat and prevent the two most common dental diseases; periodontal disease and dental caries. They will perform non surgical preventative periodontal treatment and a variety of restorative and caries preventative treatment to both adults and children. It is a very competent high demanding role, which requires excellent dexterity and communication skills. I feel with confidence I would take on this role very suitably and make a trustworthy…

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  • Dental Implant Persuasive Speech

    are different options available, dental implants will certainly prove to be the best choice. A missing tooth not only affects your self-confidence but also causes harm to other healthy teeth. Furthermore, enjoying your favorite foods can be difficult because of a missing tooth; hence, a long-term replacement is necessary. Dental Implants in Detail The most popular restorative option, a dental implant involves one of the most advanced dentistry procedures. A dental implant entails fixing a metal…

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  • Dental Hygienist: A Career As A Dentist

    are stuck with many choices in which to pick from and do. One of the most common is dental hygienist. Their job duties center around cleaning patients' teeth and giving instruction in proper dental hygiene. They can't make major decisions because they are under a licensed dentist. A dental hygienist needs at least an associate's degree to work in that career. An associate’s degree only takes two years. A dental hygienist need to have the the basic understanding of biology and chemistry,…

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  • Dental Hygienist Application Essay

    I became interested in becoming a dental hygienist from a very young age. In the last year, I had applied to the dental hygiene program at UMB to dream my career. Finally, my dream began to come true, and I actually advanced to the interview process at UMB. However, my dream was stopped at the interview step. I got discouraged myself, but I thought differently and started to think what self-development and improvement are needed for my career. During the interview, all the candidates have a lot…

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  • Essay On My Dental Hygienist Experience

    I am in my first module of the dental hygiene program at Fortis Institute. I came to this school from Harrisburg Area Community College already knowing that I wanted to be a dental hygienist; I have taken numerous dental courses and assumed I knew exactly what I was headed for and how clinic would be, was I ever wrong! This essay will look at my experience in the dental clinic with what I have learned from the observation, how the experience has changed my view of the program, if the experience…

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  • Dental Hazards: Musculoskeletal Errors

    While practicing dental hygiene, a major hazard is having musculoskeletal injuries. Knowledge of ergonomics and using ergonomic products can help reduce these injuries. This article lists ways to improve ergonomics that include magnification (loupes and intraoral cameras), operator seating, hand instruments, and gloves. Loupes can help hygienists in reducing injuries and keep good posture by magnifying and providing better view and angle of the patient s mouth. Studies have shown that loupes…

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  • The Importance Of Clipping Dog Nails

    How you can Clipping Dog Nails Trimming your canine's nails may not appear just like a terribly important task, however it really is. Not simply will trimming their nails help make your pet look better, but it will help avoid the nails from breaking, that is painful and can result in contamination. Nails which are too lengthy may also alter the way your pet walks and result in more severe soft tissue issues. You shouldn't be afraid to chop your canine's nails. With information and confidence,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lauren Elizabeth Goll

    Who am I? Well of course I am Lauren Elizabeth Goll, but you can just call me Lauren. I am 14 years old and I was born on November 25 of the year 2002. My mom told her family that she was pregnant with me on April fools day so her family thought she was joking which now that I look back on it, it may seem pretty depressing but I swear once I first heard about this I was laughing so much. I have two siblings, Morgan and Tj. My dad is in the Military, much like many other students in this school,…

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