Persuasive Essay On Metal Braces

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What I Already Knew / What I Wanted to Know “I’ll look ridiculous having braces in my twenties, how embarrassing. Braces are for teenagers,” mentioned my sister one day. I understood why she felt like that, there was definitely a stigma behind getting metal braces, but then my Grandma went on to mention something called Invisalign. Since my sister’s main problem with metal braces is she’s concerned with how she will look, my Grandma pointed out it may be a good thing to look into. But looking back on the conversation, we didn’t really know much about Invisalign and how it actually works. Mostly I just knew that Invisalign is marketed as a newer, sleeker way of fixing imperfections in a person’s smile. I also knew that while Invisalign has been growing in popularity in the last decade or so, I had always been told that Invisalign can end up costing more than traditional braces, depending on the treatment.
To help fully understand Invisalign and whether it’d be a good option for my sister, I needed to discover and find out a few more things about what exactly they are. How do the costs compare to
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A study conducted in 2009 found that of the 510 teenagers sampled in the survey, it was found that over 55% of the teens answered a question by stating that they would be more self-conscious about their smile if they were wearing metal braces (“One in Two Teens[..])." This means that while patients may be over satisfied and more confident after treatment with metal braces has been completed, many may face distressing self-esteem issues over the course of treatment. Similarly, 62% of teens in the same survey also associated having metal braces as a painful and awkward part of being a teenager ("One in Two

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