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  • Why Is Animal Testing Justified

    Is animal testing ever justified? Some people believe that medical testing on animals to advance in medical research is necessary; however, cosmetic animal testing is never justified. There are plenty of other alternatives that can be used. Cosmetic animal testing should be banned because it does not improve human life or lead to any medical breakthroughs. Animals are used to test many different substances or products for either medical or cosmetic purposes. The most common cosmetic tests are…

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  • Australian Culture Essay

    1) Identify the groups of Culturally and Linguistically diverse in Blacktown and propose the main reasons for the formation of these groups. Some of Blacktown’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities include: The most common ancestries in the Blacktown area are; Australian (20.7%), English (17.6%), Filipino (7%), Indian (6%), and Irish (4.6%). The most common countries of birth in the Blacktown area are; Australia (57.6%), Philippines (6.4%), India (5.1%), New Zealand (2.5%), Fiji…

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  • Plessy V. Ferguson Case Analysis

    Brown further said “social equality must be the result of natural affinities, a mutual appreciation of each other’s merits, and a voluntary consent of the individual” justifying that the state was using its police power to keep the races apart for the safety and morality of society (449). Yes this was a power of the state but was it truly delivering equality in action? It is a question that can be referenced back to the framers and their intentions with the word of ‘equality’. It is…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Safety In Schools

    Implementing Gun Safety in School Classrooms Seventeen year old Katie Bentley sat in Ms.Newlin’s class just like any other day. Katie had been to multiple schools over the years, but had recently transferred to Monroe. She thought Monroe High was the safest school she had gone to. One day while Katie was in school, she saw a boy with a gun, or at least that’s what she thought. She didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t think gun violence was a big issue, because at all of her other schools she…

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  • Theory Of Planned Behavior Essay

    College students are particularly susceptible to alcohol-impaired driving(15). Various studies among university students, mainly from high-income countries found high levels of drinking and driving(16). In the USA, almost 3.4 million college students drove under the influence of alcohol and while half of all traffic fatalities among 18–24 years old were alcohol related drink-driving and 41% of college student drinkers report driving after any alcohol use, 17% report driving after drinking five…

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  • Terrorism: The Taliban

    this this the law and must be obeyed as such . One of the most notorious forms that Sharia law was implemented was through their radical treatment and oppression of women. Under the Taliban’s regime, women were forced to wear a burqa at all times in public, because a woman’s face is a source of corruption for men not related to them. Women were not permitted to work or obtain an education after the age of eight years old. They were only permitted to study the Quran. Women could not see male…

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  • Criminal Justice System: Questions And Answers

    devices, acts of terrorism, and the illegal distribution of alcohol and tobacco products. ATF makes an effort to work with communities, industries, law enforcement agencies, and public safety programs to protect the public by giving out information, offering training, and performing extensive research on these illegal acts (Public Affairs Division, 2015). The jurisdiction of ATF is primarily over explosives and extends to requiring licenses to engage in the business of importing, making,…

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  • Food Production Vs Biodiversity

    customers, but they were also importing goods which were produced in China and claiming them as theirs (335). Not only did the USDA allow companies throughout the United States to pass imported goods as their own, but it shows how well the quality and the safety of the produce was compromised and allowed by the government. As stated by Jerome Rodale in Chenglin Liu’s article he “provided a platform for spreading his belief in organic food and distaste of chemically induced agriculture… Even…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte: A Great Leader

    France has had many great leaders in its extensive history, but Napoleon Bonaparte was arguably one of the best rulers France has ever had. Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as Napoleon I, was a great military genius and political revolutionary of France. He made many changes for France and made it able to function after the Revolution. But he also got a lot of his success from the French Revolution. It made it very easy for him to rise up the ranks of the military, gain supporters, and take over…

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  • The Nursing Shortage

    communication, and collaboration with the organizations lead to job satisfaction and retention in the profession (Kotzer & Arellan, 2008, p. 1653). Also, with the positive impact of job satisfaction by the nursing staffs lead to increase patient satisfaction, safety, and high quality of…

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