Population Health Care Case Study

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health outcomes of mortality and life expectancy, disease incidence, and behavioral and physiological factors. Population health management requires the distribution of health care services in the defined population to be grounded on health condition and need (Block, 2014).
Deliver Healthcare with a Focus Healthcare organizations should deliver healthcare with a focus on population health because it allows for better health outcomes, care management, and emphasizes on the specific population. A population health approach indicates that elements beyond the health care system considerably influence health, as well as, all the determinants of health which reveal a correlation with health status (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2013). Key aspects of a population health approach deals with determinants of health and identifies that they are multifaceted and interrelated.
Considering health as an all-encompassing way of being in order to live a momentous, pleasurable, and constructive existence stresses the necessity to address numerous health determinants including, people’s behaviors, genetics, environmental surroundings, societal factors, economic situations, education, employment, socioeconomic standing, wages, sexual orientation, discernment of race, culture, gender, age, and all aspects of health services retained (Longest, 2010). The focus
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The organizations observed were CareOregon, a charitable public health governed health care plan aiding local impoverished Medicaid members; Genesys Health System, a charitable combined delivery organization; and QuadMed, an affiliate of printer Quad/Graphics that creates and operates workplace based primary care clinics and employee wellness programs. The need for healthcare continues to increase at a fast pace, thus greatly influencing the demand to bend the cost curve to propose affordable care for everyone (PWC,

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