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  • Aspects And 2.2 Interpretation Of Regression Model Interpretation of Regression Model The above equation can be written as D ∝ P^0.058/(V^(-0.117) 〖D_b〗^(-0.133) ) By observing the above equation we can say that the LAZ Depth is directly proportional to the Laser Power and inversely proportional to the Scan Velocity and Beam diameter. The observations of the model can be summarized as below: As Laser Power increases the LAZ Depth of workpiece surface will also increase. This is because the heat input to the workpiece is increasing…

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  • Schiff Base Essay

    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Synthesis of Schiff base Method preparation for Schiff base ligand is a straight forward synthesis and easily modified using different amines and carbonyl compound. This could be one of the reasons that make Schiff base ligand popular in coordination chemistry research. Synthesis of Schiff base ligand commonly, taking place in alcohol through condensation reaction of amines and carbonyl compound. The acid/base catalysis or heating is employed in the synthesis…

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  • FT-IR Analysis: Significant Changes In The Structure Of C

    FT-IR analysis. Figure 1 shows infrared spectra of CNC, CNC treated with HCl and CNC treated with NaOH. This Data suggests that there are no significant changes in the structure of CNC due to extreme acid and basic media exposition. All the major vibration modes remained unchanged, this included 3330 cm-1 broad band corresponding to OH stretching, 2890 cm-1 due to CH2 and CH asymmetric and symmetric stretching, 1638 cm-1 related to the bending mode of absorbed water, 1430 to 1330 regions…

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  • Dangers Of Cannabis

    to fund clinical studies for public health and safety, to research potential risks of mental illness, and regulate publications about the relationship between medical and recreational cannabis. Cannabis may be defined as a psychoactive drug, a chemical substance that changes brain…

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  • Analysis Of Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

    Rachel Carson went up against large chemical companies during the 1960’s when women were still establishing themselves in the working world. Despite these disadvantages, she was able to start a huge environmental movement, rallying people all across America and subsequently stopping the use of DDT in America. Her argument against pesticides continues to encourage research of its effects on organisms to this day. Although she was not able to completely stop chemical pesticides, she was the first…

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  • Anabolic Enzyme Essay

    i. Enzymes are macromolecules that increase chemical reactions without being consumed in the reaction. They do this by lowering the activation energy (the amount of energy that reactants need to absorb in order for a chemical reaction to take place). Every enzyme has a substrate with a unique shape and structure for it to bind to. Denaturation of proteins (when a protein unravels and becomes inactive), and change in the shape of the enzyme or substrate all influence the activity and…

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  • The Influence Of Enzymes

    Enzymes are substances produced by living organisms that act as catalysts to reduce the activation energy required for a chemical reaction. By lowering the activation energy, enzymes speed up the chemical reaction by providing an alternative action pathway (“Enzymes”). Enzymes are required in minute amounts because they remain unchanged after a reaction has occurred, so the same enzyme molecules can be reused over and over again. Since enzymes are proteins, they have active sites that speed up…

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  • Lauric Acid Lab Report

    it could cause irritation, but there are no gastrointestinal problems when is glycerol is chemically bonded. (Davidson, 2003) According to research, it has many health benefits due to its antimicrobial properties, but it 's not yet confirmed. The chemical formula for Lauric acid is C12H24O2 and has a molar mass of 200.32. Its melting point is about 3.8°C while the boiling point is BOUT91.4°C (lauric acid,…

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  • Paintball Research Paper

    Paintball is a game that shoots out markers or paintballs, that when they hit, the markers explode causing a paint mark on a person, a piece of cover, and trees.Paintball is also a game where many people do different types of games like capture the flag to different battle scenarios. Before paintball was a game paintballs was used to mark cattle for shipping purposes. Many people play this game with pump guns. These guns have an air pump attached and also a hopper.The hopper is the top piece of…

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  • Beer Lambert Law Lab Report

    In order to complete this lab in a proper manner, the concept of the beer-lambert law must be understood to ensure success in the experiment. the Beer Lambert Law compares the property of light with material through which the light is travelling.4 So, if all the light passes through a solution without any absorption, then absorbance is zero, and the percent transmitted is 100%. If all the light is absorbed, then percent transmittance is zero, and absorption is infinite.3-4 There are many forms…

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