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  • Enzyme Peroxidase Essay

    of photorespiration, photosynthesis or cellular respiration. This is significant because an enzyme operating in nonoptimal pH could have negative effects on the cell, and could pose a health threat to the organism. Enzymes proteins that speed up chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy. They do this by acting as a template for substrate orientation, stressing the substrates and stabilizing the transition state, providing a favorable microenvironment, or participating directly in…

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  • Na2co3 Stoichiometry Lab Report

    Introduction The Objective was to determine the mass percent composition of the mixture using a chemical reaction and stoichiometry mixture Na2CO3 and NaHCO3. To do the lab by using the constant mass. Constant mass is a quantitative chemistry technique where a single chemical species or group reactants is heated with constant weighing until the mass does not change. After heated the Na2HCO3 will undergo a decomposition and Na2CO3 will not undergo reaction. The balanced equation is…

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  • Midterm Vs Ectotherm

    this, they have more tolerant tissues and can afford to eat less. Endotherms exhibit highly specialized tissues adapted to a certain narrow range of temperature and chemical composition that is maintained through homeostasis. Conversely, ectotherms have less specialized tissues that can tolerate greater changes in temperature and chemical composition. Because of this tolerance, ectotherms frequently have much longer life spans when compared to equivalent sized endotherms because of the greater…

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Reaction Lab Report

    Trend The constant, 0 v/v % hydrogen peroxide solution, did not react with the catalase, therefore it was recorded as 300+ seconds and had a reaction rate of 0 seconds-1. The 0.1 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration recorded a reaction rate of 0.17 seconds-1. The 0.2 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration, recorded a lower reaction rate than the 0.1 v/v% at 0.14 seconds-1. The 1 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration recorded higher at 0.49 seconds-1. The 3 v/v % hydrogen peroxide concentration…

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  • Lab Report Catalase

    does in fact affect the productivity/ ability to speed up chemical reactions. The faster catalase could break hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water the faster that it could speed up chemical reactions in the bodies or organisms. The results, at first may seem dry, but they demonstrate how crucially important it is we know what the optimal pH is for enzymes like catalase. This knowledge allows us to understand better our bodies, and the chemical reactions inside it, as well as enable us to…

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  • Participation Backwards

    What does an award mean to a person? An award could mean a person was successful; such as, moving to the next step in a career. A reward could also mean recognition for a simple action given; such as, showing up to class. These rewards for showing up to class, one may feel that these are participation trophies. While participation trophies may boost a child's self-esteem, children grow up believing goals in life are easy to come by and no matter how hard they try, they still receive credit;…

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  • Uridine Synthesis

    This experiment monitored the synthesis of uridine from the deamination of cytidine through separating the contents of the reaction mixture using HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) at various time intervals since the start of the reaction. Cytidine and uridine standards are ran and the output of the HPLC will show two peaks based on the retention times of each compound. Identified the peak with the retention time of 2.422 minutes is cytidine and uridine has a retention time of 2.716…

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  • Tyrosinase Lab Report

    A chemical reaction’s rate is described by the amount of product formed. Substances that increase that rate are called catalysts. Catalysts are often proteins called enzymes. Enzymes change the pathway of the reaction between the products and the product. However, enzymes don’t alter the starting or ending points. Enzymes are effective by reducing the activation energy. The enzyme tyrosinase is located in melanocytes. These are cells that produce the pigment melanin. Melanin gives skin, eyes,…

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  • Adding Acetone To Test Tube Equilibrium

    equilibrium had different stresses added to them to examine the balance in each example. The purpose of the experiment was to indentify the details of shifting in equilibrium reactions and determine how the adding of a stress can affect a reaction. A chemical reaction that is in equilibrium is reversible, where a reactants can create products and products can go back to products. Equilibrium is reached when the rate of a forward reaction is the same as the reverse reaction and the concentration…

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  • Sodium Chloride Experiment

    The problem being tested is how do different chemicals, such as ammonium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride, affect the temperature of the water? The hypothesis being studied is, if three grams of calcium chloride is mixed with 50.0mL of water, then the temperature will decrease because there are more atoms in calcium chloride than in ammonium chloride and sodium chloride. The independent variables is the type of chemical and the dependent variable is the change in the temperature…

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