Oligoetherol Synthesis

New method of synthesis of oligoetherols with carbazole ring
Renata Lubczak

Abstract: The new method of synthesis of multifuntional oligoetherols with carbazole ring suitable for obtaining the polyurethane foams of enhanced thermal resistance was presented. At the first step of the synthesis the carbazole was reacted with excess glycidol to obtain the product of (n +1) functionality, where n is number of equivalents of glycidol reacted with carbazole. Carbazole reacts with glycidol without catalyst. The process is exothermic and thus needs control of temperature. Reaction of carbazole with glycidol requires excess of glycidol, the best molar ratio is 1:7. When lower excess of glycidol is used, the carbazole precipitates from reaction mixture. This semiproduct obtained from carbazole and
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