Stoichiometry In Baking Soda Essay

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Background : Stoichiometry is the relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ratio of whole integers. In the lab that I did with my group we used stoichiometry to find out the decomposition of sodium biocarbonate. Sodium carbonate is just another name for baking soda, and that is what we used on our lab. Baking soda is also used in some food items, such as pancakes, waffles etc… When the baking soda is being heated the decompositon part occurrs and when this happens it releases gas and the baking soda’s texture changes.

In the lab experiment my group and I were conducting to see the outcome of baking soda after it has been heated. It is heated at a certian temperature, usually pretty high so that there can be a transformation in the baking soda.
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Ring stand
Clay Triangle
Plastic way boat
Baking soda
Bunsen burner

Discover the weight of the crucibal by using the balance, and record data.
Use the spatula and put the baking soda in the crucibal from the plastic way boat.
Measure the weight of the baking soda inside the crucibal
Subtract the two weights to figure out what the weight of the baking soda is.
Turn gas handle on
Ignite the bunsen burner with the striker.
Place the crucibal containing the baking soda above the fire on the clay triangle.
After waiting 30 minutes use the tongs, to pick the crucibal up from the clay triange.
Place it on the balance.
Measure the weight of the crucibal once again.

Data: There were four equations that had to be solved, specifically stoich problems.

NaHCO3→ NaOH(s) + CO2(g) 1NaHCO3→ 1NaOH(s) + 1CO2(g)

6gNaHCO3 x 1molNaHCO3 x 1molNaOH x

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