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  • Starchloric Acid And Glucose Experiment

    Part A Results We hypothesized that the iodine will diffuse into the bag, turning the inside a darkish blue/black color. We also hypothesized that glucose will diffuse out of the bag, forming a green color (after the Benedict’s test). This experiment was set up using a dialysis tubing bag, balloon clips, beaker, iodine, solution of 1% soluble starch and 15% glucose. The dialysis tubing bag was filled up with starch and glucose, leaving a pocket of air for diffusion of materials, and sealed…

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  • Succinate Dehydrogenase Lab Report

    Abstract This experiment studies the rate of activity of succinate dehydrogenase protein derived from the mitochondria of cauliflower cells. Succinate dehydrogenase, once active, is known to reduce the coenzyme flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) to FADH2. Succinate dehydrogenase and its coenzyme creates an enzyme complex (E-FADH2) which transfers electrons to coenzyme Q during the Krebs cycle. In this experiment, sodium azide will be added to the mitochondrial solution to prevent the transfer of…

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  • Potassium Persulfate Reaction Lab Report

    activation energy needed to begin a reaction. Chemical reactions require the breaking and forming of chemical bonds for the reactants to turn into products. In order for a chemical reaction to occur, the reactants must absorb enough energy to contort into an unstable state. Once in this state, the reaction can occur, resulting in the products being made in a stable state and energy being released from the reaction as heat. An endothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that requires heat to be…

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  • The Transformation Of Bisclavret By Marie De France

    In Marie de France’s poem “Bisclavret,” a baron named Bisclavret trusts his wife with personal information that he has always kept to himself: he is a werewolf. After much probing, he also tells her that the only way for him to transform back into a human is by putting his clothing back on, which is why he hides them next to the woods and by the path. Rather than being loyal to her husband, the unnamed and horrified wife goes to another knight who has been trying to court her for years and tells…

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  • The Reflection Of Electron Motion In Atomic Systems

    information in our nerves and is involved in processing this information in our brains. Moreover, the valence electrons are responsible for binding atoms to form molecules. The structural change of molecule is triggered by motion of electrons in the chemical bonds. Controlling this fast electron motion, in turn, allows to control the molecular structure change. Additionally, the ability to take snapshots of the electron motion dynamics will improve our…

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  • Essay On Effect Of Temperature On Enzyme Activity

    Abstract The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether the temperature can affect the reaction rate of enzyme activity. The enzyme activity was measured by five different temperatures, separated in tubes which later got measured by their height of foam after 10 minutes. Freshly-prepared potato juice was used as the enzyme for catalase. Since temperature is measured by the kinetic energy of molecules, the higher the temperature, the more movement of molecules. The lowest temperature…

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  • - 6-Diphenyl-2-Cyclohexenone Lab Report

    In this experiment, a series of reactions was performed in order to synthesize 6-ethoxycarbonyl-3,5-diphenyl-2-cyclohexenone, an a,b-unsaturated ketone. The two reactions performed in order to obtain this product were a Michael addition reaction and an Aldol condensation reaction. During this experiment, the reaction solution underwent several changes. Originally, the initial solution was light yellow and transparent. Once heated, the appearance of the reaction solution became bright yellow.…

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  • Conditions And Effects Of Laserer Power And B Content On 3DQCN Microstructure

    5. Proposed Research Questions and Tasks Four proposed research tasks will direct to fabrication conditions (Task 1), fabrication thermal analysis (Task 2), fabricated parts performance (Task 3), microstructure control methodology (Task 4), respectively. These tasks are designed to answer the questions and solve the problems in the results of preliminary experiments and observations from reported investigations. 5.1. Task 1. Investigating feasible formation conditions and effects of laser power…

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  • Essay On Alkanols

    CONTENTS RESEARCH QUESTION How does the length of carbon chains, specifically those related to alkanols, namely ethanol 1- propanol and 1- butanol, affect the heat of combustion? AIM To investigate how the length of carbon chains affect the heat of combustion and enthalpy, in order to determine which fuel would be the safest and most efficient to take on a camping trip. HYPOTHESIS If the number of carbon atoms in an alkanol is increased, then the alkanol containing the longest carbon…

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  • Iodine And Benedict Lab Experiment

    INTRODUCTION: In this lab, proper laboratory technique was implemented to have the experience in the lab. Furthermore, the unknown solution needed to be investigated, to determine the solution’s macromolecules. Three methods were comprised to determine the unknown but a set of other solution were used to help as indicators to match the unknown solution’s results. It consisted of biuret, iodine and benedict solution. Iodine solution is used to determine if the source had starch or glycogen.…

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