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  • The History Of Rap And Hip-Hop

    The History of Rap/Hip-Hop Rapping, also known as rhyming, spitting, and emceeing it is still referred to as rap and hip-hop. But, it seems that nobody ever talks about the story of how rap and hip-hop started. The history of rap and hip-hop was not only the start of a genre but, something new and creative. Rap and Hip-hop has an interesting origin story, has influenced by different genres of music, and created a new movement of freedom of speech. Dating back to the 60s and 70s in the South…

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  • Five Elements Of Hip Hop

    Hip Hop in society is anything but a word. It is a living thing that grows, changes, and expresses itself as it goes through this. No matter how it may change though, it has always had one single meaning for its existence: peace; and with this meaning for existence, there must always be nine elements that are presence in order for Hip Hop to fulfill its purpose. The first element of Hip Hop, is dancing. Usually those who dance in Hip Hop are considered either the B-boy or the B-girl, and they…

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  • Why Is Workplace Safety Important?

    injuries, sprains and strains are the most common and the easiest to obtain. Sprains and strains generally effect 2 major areas; the spinal column and the joints of the body. Within the spinal column the general effected area are the intervertebral discs that bulge out when strained. The other effected areas are the joints. Within the joints the muscle fibers are torn and stretched, which cause pain when moving the joint, which is why immobilization helps heal…

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  • Negative Influences Of The Music Industry

    Music Industry Have you ever just been in a mood where only music can describe the way you feel? Well that is how it works with musicians and artists. Music is more than just a couple of sounds thrown together, a couple of lyrics, and a catchy hook; music is not only a way of life for artists and musicians, but it is a stress reliever and a way to teach lessons through their stories. Music generations before now has changed and been advanced because of certain technology methods created. If we…

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  • Essay On DISC Assessment

    Having never taken the DISC assessment before, I was unsure about what to expect. I thought it was fairly accurate in many ways, but I felt that it very much tapped into what I consider my “work” self and did not cover much of who I am outside of that. I scored a high average score on the D spectrum. This seemed accurate, as I am relatively competitive overall, I like looking at the big-picture, I don’t mind taking risks, I can be critical of those that don’t measure up to my standards and I am…

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  • Skinhead's Influence In Jamaican Ska

    Will Sheerin Professor Lorenz Music and Migration April 4 2016 Skinhead’s influence in Jamaican Ska During the 1950’s, Britain’s economy was in a recession and they reached out to many of their Western colonies to increase immigration to England. After World War II the economy was in bad shape and the United Kingdom government looked for immigrants to fill the employment vacancies. Many Jamaicans took the opportunity to start a new life and migrated to London in large quantities. With them…

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  • Hip Hop Sociology

    of many genres and cultures, they turned it into something fresh, exciting and unlike any think anyone had seen. As with any maturing culture, hip hop has spawned its own theory. This theory is based around the four elements of hip hop: Deejaying / Disc Jockey , Emceeing , Breaking ,Graffiti art. I feel as if that’s why it exploded like it did. Popular tracks were transformed…

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  • Chiropractic Care Philosophy

    Millions of people have discovered the benefits of chiropractic care. Each chiropractor at Icon Medical Centers in Hollywood, FL, near Dania Beach, is committed to assisting individuals as they recover from injuries sustained at work, during a car crash, while playing sports or due to a slip and fall. Most Common Symptoms Treated by a Chiropractor Near Dania Beach Two of the most common symptoms treated by any chiropractor are back pain and headaches. Ultimately, the goal of a chiropractor is…

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  • Metacommunication Analysis

    “Zac, after the throw off, pick up the disc, do a pump fake, and then throw the disc deep to me.” The original intent of my teammate’s statement was for me to throw the disc to him but because of metacommunication, I took it different ways too. The first way that I interpreted his statement was that he believed in my ability to be able to fool the defender with my pump fake, and my ability to throw the disc a far and accurately so he would be able to catch the disc down the field. The…

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  • Frisbee Business Model

    Group Description SOL Ultimate Frisbee is the group that I’m apart of. This year I joined Eau Claire’s Women Ultimate Frisbee team (SOL), they are a fun group to be included in. I joined SOL because I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee during high school; it was one of my favorite memories. Being a part of Ultimate Frisbee Everyone on the team has the shared identity; which is Ultimate Frisbee. The reason people join Ultimate Frisbee is to make friends and play a pretty awesome sport. The girls on the…

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