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  • Rebecca Tane's The Tomorrow Code

    through space and time? Rebecca suggests that even though they do not have the technology to create a transmitting device. They could certainly create a computer program that could “listen” for patterns in gamma ray bursts. Using her connections at the Auckland University, the two teens are able to get their hands on a copy of the latest BATSE (the NASA probe collecting information) data to analyze. Never in their wildest dreams, however, did they expect to discover an…

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  • Hospice Care For Patients: Article Analysis

    Article critique 3 Hospice is an important philosophy of care for people searching quality of life in the terminal level of illness. Supportive services that hospice provides to dying people including medical, social, emotional, and spiritual services as well as helping for the patient’s family. The major aims of hospice care are helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible and managing a patient’s pain and other symptoms. However, culture and ethnicity determine thoughts and ideas about…

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  • Hero And Beatrice In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

    Nothing Much To Do begins with Beatrice moving from Wellington to Auckland to live with her cousins Hero and Leo while her parents work in Australia. Hero and Leo's parents, a lesbian couple, are on a belated six month honeymoon, so the teenagers and Leo have the house to themselves. This is already a big difference to Shakespeare's text: Hero and Beatrice are not in Leo's custody, although he likes to play the protective older brother. Beatrice is an emancipated girl who is able to make choices…

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  • Retributive Justice: What´s Restorative Justice?

    Restorative justice was once a dominant model of criminal justice worldwide (Braithwaite, 1999). The move away from restorative justice occurred during the Middle Ages when communities shifted from Acephallus (headless societies) to ‘States’, therefore shifting the responsibility for punishment and harm reparation from victims to the state (Gavrielides, 2011). This introduced the idea of retributive justice. Retributive justice refers to the idea that punishment is imposed on the wrong doer…

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  • Three Key Themes Of Banquet Management At Rendezvous Hotel

    and beneficial for the event management to close the gap and enhance the service. The three key themes are (1) banquet management, (2) staff management, and (3) service management. These key themes have been closely observed at Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland in the banquet department. The observation was carried out throughout the 12 weeks of CO-OP placement in order to review, analyse, and evaluate the complete process of an event. 4.1 Banquet Management Banquet management requires an…

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  • Analysis Of Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood

    Publisher, 1982-2012. Atwood, Margaret. “Happy Endings.” 1983. “Stimulating.” 1. Random House Webster’s College Dictionary. New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, and Auckland: Random House Reference and Information Publishing Group, 1999. Print. “Challenging.” 1. Random House Webster’s College Dictionary. New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, and Auckland: Random House Reference and Information Publishing Group, 1999. Print. "Happy Endings." Short Stories for Students. Ed. Jennifer Smith. Vol. 13.…

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  • The Importance Of Help To Seek Justice For Animals

    Help to Seek Justice for Animals Introduction Almost all of us grew up by eating meat and going to zoos and some of us even had our beloved “pets” or beautiful birds that we bought from pet shops. We wore leather and silk, ate patties and fished. Have we never considered the impact of these actions on the animals? For whatever reason, we should now be asking ourselves a question: do animals have rights to live free? People have been arguing this for years. In my opinion, animals should deserve…

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  • Professor Ping Koy Poem: Mathematics, Physics And Music

    ‘The only thing compulsory is fun,’ I’d like to quote Professor Ping Koy Lam. This statement may sound dubious or lazy when claimed plainly, or perhaps a weak attempt at ‘the moral of a story’. However, to Professor Ping Koy Lam, this was exactly what led him to his accomplishments today. Professor Lam was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1967, and grew up inspired by men of science, His passion for science was deeply imprinted on him during his early youth by his brothers, father and a few…

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  • Traders International Case Study

    The aim of the assignment is to allow you to demonstrate an understanding of the help desk management role. The following are the objectives that you will need to meet based on the business challenge given below: 1. Logical thinking 2. Looking for more ideas & suitable solutions 3. Develop Reports for different department(s) 4. Problem & Incident Management 5. Understanding & Justifying the Return On Investment Traders International Traders International commenced operations in January…

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  • Local Flavour Case Study

    Local Flavour. Exploring the changing face of Panmure’s Town Centre. As oversized malls alter our shopping habits and immigration and the housing boom change our suburbs, what 's going on in our town centres? At ten am the suburb that nearly became New Zealand’s capital is blearily rubbing the sleep from its eyes, shuffling from slippers to shoes and getting ready for a day of business. Panmure’s shabby shopping stretch contains a mish-mash of unlikely bedfellows; a seemingly awkward ménage à…

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