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  • Transgender High School Student Case Study

    Clark, Terryann C., et al. "The Health and Well-being of Transgender High School Students: Results from the New Zealand Adolescent Health Survey (Youth '12)." The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, vol. 55, no. 1, 2014., pp. 93-99 doi:10.1016/j.jadohealth.2013.11.008. This article was published three years ago in the Journal of Adolescent Health. It evaluates the transgender portion of the 2012 survey done gender minority youth in New…

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  • The Inclusion Of Disabled People

    “Disabled people are absent in culture, when they are present they are represented in wholly stereotypical ways.” – Barnes and Mercer (2003) The above picture is taken at the entrance of a popular food court in Auckland City. This is popular amongst everyday Aucklander’s as well as tourists. There is no ramp nearby or an entrance that allows access for a wheelchair. However, despite being a popular spot it is fairly impossible for a person with a wheelchair to get inside. As Erving Goffman…

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  • Jasmax Case Study

    1. Introduction This investigation was conducted for the purposes of finding out the software that Jasmax- a largest and longest establish architectural and design company- used for managing their work. By research on the internet, I will indicate in this report the sort of software that this architect company use or suggest the software that they likely to use as well as point out what type of user will utilize that particular software. 2. Company profile Jasmax is a private enterprise type…

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  • Essay On Pestle Analysis Of Amazon

    increase in the infrastructure investment by New Zealand with a view to revive the nation’s performance on the economic front. Few areas that the government has been focused upon include partnerships, both public and private in the Christchurch and Auckland regions (Invest, 2015) Economical Global slowdown. There has been a lack in the…

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  • Assignment 2 Recruitment And Selection

    Assignment no.2- Recruitment and Selection Submitted by : Content (a) Job advertisement (b) Selecting and evaluating candidates (c) 3 sources of information you need to collect about the applicants received for the advertised job (d) mechanism (model/framework/matrix) to compare candidates so that you can make the best selection decision. (e) letter of offer of employment to the chosen candidate E-recruitment process have been devised for the recruitment and…

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  • The Homeless People: A Short Story

    I had been to the city many times before. I had seen the homeless people sitting on Queen street and passed them more times than I can recall but this one time was different. I took notice of their faces for the first time rather than just putting my head down and carrying on. My cousin, Georgia, and I were on our way to lunch when we had walked past a homeless lady, she had deep wrinkles, on her cheeks and forehead, with dark bags under her eyes also. She was alone but you could definitely tell…

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  • Commercial Media Analysis

    Commercial Media is fueled simultaneously by the demands of the audience, but also by the advertisers and what they want the audience to consume. In a world where success is evaluated numerically, Radio is no exception this. Radio Stations are driven by ratings, a system that gives broadcasters an indication on the popularity of variables such as content, broadcasters and programming. How ratings and results are collected has changed numerous times to reach the few systems currently used…

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  • Marketing Factors In Sustainable Tourism In New Zealand

    These kinds of events generate high expenditure and often include add–on leisure travel. Building this market is one way of managing seasonality. However, this cannot happen until we have a venue that can cater for major conventions, most likely in Auckland. Arts, culture, and heritage tourism also have a role to play in broadening our off–season appeal, as does cruise travel. So does providing all–weather options, which have advantages during the high season as well (Ministry of Tourism and…

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  • The Five Unwritten Rules Of University Dating Analysis

    As an adolescent girl on her way down to Dunedin for her first year of University I told my parents’ not to worry too much about my grades, because I was going to find myself a top-notch husband in the years I was studying. We all laughed about it like I was kidding, but the truth was, ever since I was young I dreamt of coming to University and meeting guys who all looked like the lead male role of a Rom-Com film and they were perfectly going to balance study and a social life like I was going…

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  • Donald Drumpf's 30 Of The Commerce Act 1986

    Auckland Regional Authority v Mutual Rental Cars (Auckland Airport) Limited confirmed there is no differentiation between arrangements and understandings in this context, accordingly, a single test has been developed. The High Court in Commerce Commission (CC) v Wellington Branch…

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