Rebecca Tane's The Tomorrow Code

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Short Summary
Best friends and neighbors Tane and Rebecca have known each other for their entire lives. One night, while floating on their backs in the flooded Sunnyvale playground (affectionately referred to as “Sunnyvale Lake”), the creative-minded Tane catches sight of a shooting star, and has a wildly speculative idea about time travel. Though the brilliant (and college-level physics genius). Rebecca scoffs! at Tane’s silliness at trying to send a human back in time, the two come up with another proposition: what if it were possible to send a message back through the “quantum foam,” like a facsimile through space and time? Rebecca suggests that even though they do not have the technology to create a transmitting device. They could certainly create a computer program that could “listen” for patterns in gamma ray bursts. Using her connections at the Auckland University, the two teens are able to get their hands on a copy of the latest BATSE (the NASA probe collecting information) data to analyze. Never in their wildest dreams, however, did they expect to discover an
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Intense and action-packed, I loved the race against time to solve clues from the future, as well as the struggles and tension between the trio of protagonists. Written in 2004 before the launch of Swift which replaced BATSE later that year, I loved the idea of sending short messages from the future through collected burst data through so-called quantum foam. Although this isn’t an entirely novel concept , I really savor these kinds of story lines, and as The Tomorrow Code actually has scientific merit, it’s all the more impressive. The actual nature of the impending apocalypse is also a fascinating (if, again, not entirely original) concept – the world dies a quiet death, thanks to some rhino virus-chimera research (and that’s all I’ll say on the matter for fear of

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