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  • Oxford Housing Crisis Analysis

    Portfolio piece 1: Auckland housing crisis (Argument Piece) Statement of Intent: For my first English Portfolio piece, I intend to writing my views on the housing crisis in Auckland. My intended audience for this argument are going to be teenagers mostly around my age (16-18) whom in the future would like to own a home. This essay will argue on the possible difficulties and complications upcoming adults may face while buying a house. I want to argue this to them so they can know the…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Planning

    to compare to Auckland is London because…

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  • Essay On Customer Satisfaction

    Public transport is only option left for Auckland people to reduce carbon emissions, avoid congestions and improve safety and personal security. Steps towards public transport will free up the roads to freight transport for commercial use there by increasing the productivity and competitiveness. Increased public transport usage in Auckland, reduces fuel consumption, lessen dependence on imported fuels and also mitigate the effect of transport…

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  • Pedestrian Sustainability

    When reviewing the accessibility of an urban environment, walkability can be utilised as a tool to provide an adequate measurement. Walkability is therefore a series of visual and psychological characteristics that (ewing) helps to encourage walking behaviours within urban environments. (litman)Brawshar and litman have described in their research in the national foundation of Australia four overarching characteristics, these area Pedestrian facilities, Destinations and connectivity, safety and…

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  • Negative Aspects Of Urban Designs

    neighbourhoods can provide opportunities to facilitate or hinder Auckland being a child-friendlier city. These areas are crucial to the health and well-being of children (Witten, Kearns & Carroll, 2015). Negative aspects of the urban environment such as high traffic levels, spatial segregation and safety concerns as well as parental entrapment and the exclusion of children needs in urban planning decision-making represent barriers to Auckland being a child-friendlier city. Conversely, the…

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  • Quality Of House Building Essay

    Quality of house building in Auckland When someone talks about Quality, it automatically comes into the mind of a person that it is related to the degree of excellence and the extent to which something is fit for the purpose. It instinctively generates the thought that the product or service is conformed with requirements and free from defects and contamination. However, if the product or service failed to prove its ability to satisfy stated and implicit needs can lead to customer…

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  • Cash For Abandoned Cars Essay

    SEO Content Requirement – Article– 1  Car Disposal  Unwanted Vehicles  Cash for Unwanted Cars  Cash for Junk Cars Auckland Words count – 400 Across the globe there are many people who have a junk car lying in their backyard in barely working condition and are of no use them, moreover, most people do not know what to do with the car. Well, there are many reasons because of which people want to sell their cars in junk. The reason can be they need some cash to make an…

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  • Summary Of The Hartley V. Ponsonby Case

    had a choice to either travel back to Auckland or stay in Sanfransisco there was no element of economic duress. Consideration existed as a benefit occurred for Bill Smith and he should be owed the money, as he would lose the benefit of the payment if he did not receive the 50% bonus. However, since smith is doing something out of his contract it prove larger stocks he is owed the money, whereas Bill Smith is already obligated in his contract to go back to Auckland so this would not apply to the…

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  • Shoddy Building Case Study

    1.0 Reasons for Shoddy Buildings Because of Globalization and advancement, can affect any industry and the development organizations are the same. There are different explanations behind the disgraceful advancements of the structures in Auckland and they are specified underneath. i. Building Boom – Due to steady development and improvement, which is going on at a quick speed, which this industry is not able to handle the vast numbers. Maybe they are not arranged or don 't have the ability to…

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  • Transports Advantages And Disadvantages

    this did not exclude Auckland city. To certain people, the usage of vehicles is part of necessities of their daily life. Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are formed and produced when using vehicles (Sanders, 2012). These pollute the air we breathe. In addition, not only it affects…

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