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  • Creative City Analysis

    “We depend on our surroundings obliquely to embody the moods and ideas we respect and then to remind us of them.” We are too easily adapted to the surrounding environment and it is through our experiences and the conditions that we grew up in and living in today that depend our thoughts and ideals. Thus, environments are not merely a place that we occupy. It could possibly be a place of where our inspirations, imagination or creativity occur. So how could we shape our surroundings to expand…

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  • Drift Light Essay

    Objectives As a new competitor in the lighting market we need to make a strong entrance into the market with clear objectives to guide us to success. The Drift Light being a new product to the market needs marketing objectives to ensure consumer knowledge of the product and financial objectives to facilitate further product and expansion of the product. Action programs Product The Drift Light is a modern twist on the standard light bulb. It is a new advancement in lighting technology and a…

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  • Statement Of Intent For A Poetry Portfolio: Poem

    Writing Portfolio – Poem Statement of Intent I have chosen to write a narrative poem to communicate the emotions I felt when being told once again that we are moving. The idea I am trying to express throughout the poem is that moving houses and schools regularly can be difficult to tolerate. Ask teacher what to write. Poem WE ARE MOVING?! URGH! WHY NOW? How can 6 letters, a word that takes under 1 second to say Change my life, my emotions and just change everything so much? When my…

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  • Effects Of Volcanism In New Zealand

    The natural process of volcanism occurs in New Zealand and can produce a multitude of hazards to both the natural and cultural environment. Volcanism occurs in New Zealand due to its location on the boundary of the Pacific Plate and Indo-Australian Plate. Due to convection currents in the asthenosphere, the tectonic plates are pushed together and one plate is pushed below the other creating a subduction zone. In the North Island the Pacific Plate is subducting below the Indo-Australian but in…

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  • Case Study Of New Zealand's European Common Law

    Jessica has traveled extensively from America to England. As well as to other countries, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and even India. The company has slated her to speak to the Maori of New Zealand to open a branch outside of Auckland. She has an understanding of the New Zealand’s European Common Law. It is similar to America’s English Common Laws; New Zealand only has a few Parliamentary changes. Both countries speak English. Also both governments are members of OCED (Organisation for…

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  • Schindler's List The Negative Effects Of Prejudice

    The negative impacts of prejudice is an important issue to talk about, as it is a relevant problem in today’s society. The texts ‘Schindler’s List’ directed by Steven Spielberg, ‘The Chrysalids’ by John Wyndham, ‘Bred in South Auckland’ by Glenn Colquhoun and ‘12 Years a Slave’ directed by Steve McQueen are all connected because they all deal with the idea of the negative impacts of prejudice. The film Schindler’s List communicated the important idea of the negative impacts of prejudice.…

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  • Reflection Essay On Flowers

    Reflective Essay for Amy’s Flowers This is the reflective essay for Amy’s flower in New Zealand operating as a family business as the New Zealand Flower Industry (NZFI). The reflection is based on the information shared by the guest speakers. Management and Model Amy and Ryan were the guest speakers and are the founders of Amy’s flower. The company was started in 2010 with 15 employees. The structure of the company is that Ryan manages the corporate affairs of the company and Amy as a florist…

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  • Industry Knowledge Portfolio Study: Food Service

    smoothes, cold and hot beverages to the customers. The restaurants provide the order service by phone-calls and book tables. Some of the restaurants provide home delivery service food and beverages. c) HOSTEL-The hostel that is KIWI hostel, situated in Auckland. In few countries, the word hostel sometime refers to as longer time accommodation. The hostel provides single and mixed rooms with share bathrooms, lounge and sometimes kitchen also. The main business purpose is to gain profit by…

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  • Importance Of Feasibility Study Of Information System

    Introduction: Today we are seeing the huge expansion of information technology. Organisations are utilizing information systems as a part of an endeavour to increase upper hand, to expand the productivity of their operations etc... In spite of this multiplication of innovation, the execution of frameworks stays risky. While a few associations have been fruitful in actualizing data frameworks, numerous systems neglect to satisfy desires and some end up as disasters. Research on usage has been…

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  • 50 Years Of Stupid Grammar Advice Summary

    Many things can happen in the span of 50 years. In this case, Geoffrey K. Pullum argues for 50 years a certain book has influenced university graduate’s understanding of grammar. Pullum is the author of the article “50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice”, which is primarily discussing the book “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E. B. White. , Pullum argues that this highly regarded book misguides student’s understanding of English grammar. Pullum goes into detail about how the book…

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